‘1883’s LaMonica Garrett Reveals How Thomas Could Fit in Upcoming ‘Yellowstone’ Spinoff

by Alex Falls

The extremely popular Yellowstone franchise continues to grow. Not only is the fifth premiering later this year, but the spinoff 1923 starring Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford is coming to Paramount+ in December. Plus, 1883 is set to receive a sequel in the shape of 1883: The Bass Reeves Story.

The new series will focus on the life of the first Black deputy U.S. Marshall west of the Mississippi River. Oscar-nominated actor David Oyelowo will play the titular deputy. But there’s another Black cowboy hoping for a chance to ride alongside him. None other than LaMonica Garrett, better known as Thomas from the original 1883.

We still don’t know how or if this new story will interact with the Dutton family, but Garrett told TVGuide it would be the “perfect world” for Thomas.

“It’s the same time period. He knows the terrain, he knows the area,” Garrett said. “I’m sure Thomas and Bass Reeves have bumped into each other at some point or another, in my head…If I was writing the scripts, I’d for sure put it in there.”

Garrett clearly loves playing the Pinkerton agent. Even if there isn’t a role for him in the upcoming Bass Reeves Story, he’d gladly age himself up to reprise the role in 1923 instead.

“Fix me up a little bit. I can do it,” Garrett said. “I already look 20 years older in 1883. Knock another 40 years on that. Problem solved.” 

A New Voice in the ‘Yellowstone’ Universe

1883 just received a physical media release. It includes more than two hours of bound materials exclusive to the release that bring the viewer even deeper into the world of Yellowstone. Garret is proud to be part of it and he hopes to educate viewers on the history behind real Black cowboys.

“The show is great, it’s just that I don’t know about the whole Black cowboy thing and him having this kind of authority and power. That’s the only thing I’m not buying,” Garret said. “That’s what these [shows] are supposed to do, is change perspectives. Like, wait a minute, let me look into this a little more and see how common it was. And I think this movement that’s happening, Bass Reeves is gonna peel that layer back even further, and we’re going to get to see history. Real history.” 

Even though Garret doesn’t know if he’ll be asked to bring Thomas back for a role in Bass Reeves, he’s excited to see the show regardless. Garrett had the chance to speak with star David Oyelowo, and he said the actor is dedicated to bringing the iconic lawman to life.

“He was not just a Black cowboy. He was one of the biggest historical badasses in the history of law enforcement in this country,” Garrett said. “The things he did…he was a legend, like superheroes back then. I think people don’t even know the stories of Bass Reeves and his life and what it entailed. And when they see it, they’re going to be mad at their schools for not teaching who this guy was. If they just show a fraction of that in the Bass Reeves Story, I think people are going to be blown away by it.”