‘1883’s LaMonica Garrett Reveals ‘Lessons Learned’ From His ‘Journey’ on the Show

by Courtney Blackann
Photo Cr: Emerson Miller/Paramount+ © 2022 MTV Entertainment Studios. All Rights Reserved.

The “1883” cast is even more fun than we imagined. In fact, I’d love for all of them to attend my next party. Actor Lamonica Garrett recently shared some behind-the-scenes videos and photos of the entire cast’s journey to filming “1883.” And while we know they put in the hard work learning to take on the frontier, it wasn’t all cold weather and crossing rivers.

In a video on Instagram, the “1883” actor shared a nostalgic look back on his time between Texas and Montana filming. Complete with karaoke, dancing, shooting targets, and riding horseback, the photos are a collection of cowboy camp training and late-night bonding.

The video starts off with a group hug that includes Lamonica Garrett, Sam Elliott, Gabriela Brancusi, James Landry Hebert as well as Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. Green Day’s “Time of Your Life” plays as the group smiles and embraces each other. It appears that celebratory drinks follow.

“Cowboy Camp and beyond…@1883official The Journey Lessons learned on the journey, Cowboy’n is extremely difficult, don’t wear a wool jacket in Fort Worth in the summer if you don’t have to, never go behind Tim or Faith on kareoki night… This video could’ve legit been 20 minutes long, but they only let me do a few. My 1883 family,” Garrett captioned the video, which is 5 1/2 minutes long.

“1883” Lamonica Garrett on Season One Wrapping

We are definitely not interested in following with McGraw or Hill in karaoke, but we sure wouldn’t mind a shot of whiskey with the crew. And as for the wool jacket in the summer? It’s March in Texas and you still couldn’t get me to wear a wool jacket right now. We can imagine how he feels!

Further, Taylor Sheridan is even getting in on the good times in the video. At one point, he’s singing alongside Faith Hill. Whatever the tune is, they’re both laughing about it. We even spot the young John Dutton (Audie Rick) dancing in one clip.

Lamonica Garrett’s shared much of his “1883” journey throughout the show. Before the finale, he posted about his last days as Thomas – and the bittersweet ride.

“Last day in wardrobe,” Garrett says in another video on Instagram. “I got pretty attached to this thing. Hope you all enjoyed the season. It was a hard, long, rough shoot. Man, it was worth it. Know what I mean?”

He continues:

“Journey of a lifetime – @1883official Season 2 will jump close to 50 years in the future, (1932) and I’m sure it’ll be an amazing adventure as well,” Garrett wrote. “I look forward to watching it. Grateful for the time I got to spend with our amazing cast and crew. Lifelong friends were made on this wagon train journey.
Learned a lot from Thomas, and I’m better for it. One of my dreams as an actor was to do a western…
#blackcowboys Thank you Taylor Sheridan, for this EPIC experience #yellowstonetv @yellowstone #paramountplus Thomas & Shea Thomas & Noemi HEA”