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‘1923’s Brandon Sklenar Reveals Spencer Dutton’s Take on Modern Big-Game Hunting

by Megan Molseed
Brandon Sklenar
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When the Taylor Sheridan western series Yellowstone hit the TV airwaves five seasons ago, fans were drawn to the modern drama almost immediately. Since then, the wildly popular series starring Kevin Costner has spawned two spinoffs. Both of which are prequels to Yellowstone’s fan-favorite story.

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The first of these prequels was the Tim McGraw and Faith Hill-led drama 1883. The second, of course, is the Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren-led period series, 1923. 1923’s saga is appearing to center around Brandon Sklenar’s Spencer Dutton. Spencer is the youngest son of 1883’s James (Tim McGraw) and Margaret (Faith Hill) Dutton. We later get to know Brandon Sklenar’s Spencer Dutton better in 1923. This, fans know, comes as Spencer Dutton is also the nephew of Jacob and Cara Dutton (Ford and Mirren).

1923’s Brandon Sklenar Believes Spencer Dutton Would “Hunt the Hunters” Focusing On Big Game Targets Now

With 1923 being a period piece, we see our favorite characters facing a lot of things that aren’t necessarily okay in today’s society. Among these things is Spencer Dutton’s prevalence of big game hunting while in Africa with his fiance. Recently, Brandon Sklenar spoke about his character’s hunting practices. During this discussion, the star shares his thoughts on what Spencer’s take would be regarding modern-day big game hunting.

In a recent discussion with The Hollywood Reporter, Brandon Sklenar says he believes his 1923 character would not look favorably on big game hunters in modern times. In fact, the star says, he would likely be against the practice if he were alive today.

“First and foremost, I think he would want to hunt the hunters that are big-game hunting now,” the star says, pondering what Spencer Dutton would be like if he were around 100 years after 1923. Sklenar adds that this type of big game hunting was It was a “necessity back then”. The actor explains that the “big cats were killing hundreds of men” in those times.

“In [the nonfiction book] The Man-Eaters of Tsavo, two lions killed something like [135] workers around that same time, so it was a necessity,” Sklenar says.

“Spencer is not happy about it, but it’s a job that must be done. So he would be completely against hunting for sport,” the 1923 star adds. “His love for animals and for the land supersedes your average wealthy guy who’s trying to score some big game. Spencer is rooted in the land and in nature.”

Much of 1923 follows Spencer as he begins a journey back home to Montana. As the show’s fourth episode comes to a close, Sklenar’s Spencer Dutton is relaxing in Zanzibar with his new fiance when he learns of the bloodshed back home.