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‘1923’ Star Helen Mirren Previews Sunday’s Premiere Episode

by Lauren Boisvert
Helen Mirren as Cara Dutton in 1923's premiere. (Photo credit: James Minchin III/Paramount+)

“1923” is premiering on Dec. 18, just four days away, and one of its stars is getting into the premiere spirit. Helen Mirren recently previewed the first episode and shared some tidbits, without giving too much away, of course.

The outlet brings to the forefront a moment from the episode trailer. Helen Mirren’s Cara Dutton tips her head back and screams to the sky. This moment is definitely a turning point for Cara, and even though we don’t yet know what leads up to this defiant cry, we know it’s going to be big.

The 20th Century Duttons are going to face “pandemics, historic drought, the end of Prohibition, and the Great Depression.” The Great Depression comes to Montana early in 1923, about 10 years before the rest of the United States. That fact will surely be heavily reflected on the show. The Duttons will struggle to keep their ranch up and running.

Helen Mirren took the time to speak with TV Line about the premiere episode. Specifically, the outlet asked what lies in wait for Jacob and Cara Dutton. “Certainly, there are storm clouds gathering around them,” she replied, carefully sidestepping the question, speaking instead of Cara’s intense release of emotion. “Cara, as you very rightfully pointed out, is well balanced, is fundamentally peaceful, and what brings her to this point of extremity?”

While she didn’t exactly share much about the episode—the “Yellowstone” cast is also notoriously tight-lipped about spoilers—we’re still excited for the premiere nonetheless.

Helen Mirren Explains How Her Own Marriage Helped In Portraying a Relationship With Harrison Ford On ‘1923’

Helen Mirren and director Taylor Hackford have been married for who knows how long. Not even Helen Mirren knows, apparently. “We’ve been married now for, I’ve completely forgotten how long we’ve been married for. But, you know, quite a long time,” she shared with ET recently.

Mirren spoke about how her own marriage helped her in portraying a solid marriage with Harrison Ford as Cara and Jacob Dutton on “1923.” When asked about the relationship between Jacob and Cara she explained, “It’s a partnership, isn’t it? I may be the boss, but he’s the leader. It’s an equal partnership, and I know from being with my husband [director Taylor Hackford].”

She continued, “It becomes a partnership, a partnership with love, but a partnership and that’s very much where marriage can be a long process and it has many phases that it goes through.”

From what we’ve seen of “1923,” it looks like Jacob and Cara are headed for hardship. But, they’re weathering those storms together, as partners. Mirren concluded, “if you manage to stay together through love, you come to this very beautiful place where it is this equal partnership and I think that’s where Cara and Jacob are.”