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‘1923’s John Dutton Sr., James Badge Dale, Discusses ‘Patterns’ of Dutton Ancestry Leading Up to ‘Yellowstone’

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by David Becker/Getty Images for Paramount+)

Yellowstone continues to captivate audiences as the sixth episode of season five prepares to debut tonight. However, in the meantime, creator of the hit neo-Western, Taylor Sheridan, has a new project preparing to make its TV debut, and that’s the brand new Yellowstone prequel, 1923. At the forefront of the second prequel are actors Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren taking on the roles of Jacob and Cara Dutton. In addition, there are a multitude of other popular TV stars backing them, and that includes John Dutton, Sr. actor, James Badge Dale. Ahead of 1923‘s December 18th debut, Badge Dale provided a little insight into the Dutton family ancestry beginning with 1883 and leading up through the Yellowstone dynasty as they fight to keep their generational ranch.

“Part of the brilliance of what Taylor [Sheridan] has written,” the John Dutton, Sr. actor began while speaking with TV Insider, “is that all these relationships are kind of dealing with similar conflicts at different levels and points of time.”

The 1923 star then began comparing the struggles that Jacob and Cara Dutton have and continue to face to those that his character and Marley Shelton’s Emma Dutton face, versus the struggles of their onscreen son Jack, played by Darren Mann.

Further, if you compare the problems of 1883, 1923, and Yellowstone against one another, the fight is always the same—the fight continues to be to keep and protect the land.

James Badge Dale continued, “You see the same patterns playing out over and over again … I think the question [that] comes up is, ‘How do you change from generation to generation?’ What are you learning from the past generation, and are you becoming more proficient? Are you becoming a better human being, or are you not?”

What to Expect From ‘1923’s John and Emma Dutton:

Although Jacob and Cara Dutton are the Dutton linchpins for this particular Yellowstone prequel, we see the family’s roots spreading wider, with fans also introduced to the Dutton couple played by James Badge Dale and Marley Shelton, Emma and John Dutton. With just about a week until the series premiere, the 1923 stars previewed a little bit about what we can expect from these new characters.

“We kind of stay locked into each other,” James Badge Dale said of his character’s partnership with Emma Dutton. “I think in this time period, when people find these beautiful relationships that kind of work …We were playing with: how did this relationship survive over 20 years?”

Badge Dale’s costar and onscreen love interest, Marley Shelton, provided further insight into their characters’ relationship within 1923. She said, “There’s a sense of longing and the stakes are so high. [Badge Dale’s] character is always going on these cattle drives with the rest of the Dutton men. That’s their livelihood and their survival.”

The 1923 star further explained, “it has to happen, they are people of the ranch. But at the same time, that leaves this kind of gaping loneliness and danger that kind of stokes the fire, I think, for their love and kindles the flame.”