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‘1923’s Marley Shelton Says Her Emma Dutton is ‘In the Trenches’ with Helen Mirren’s Cara Dutton

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

“1923” is getting closer and closer to its premiere date and we’re here for any insights from the cast that we can get. Recently, Marley Shelton spoke with TV Insider about the show and her role as Emma Dutton.

For context, Emma Dutton is the wife of John Dutton I (James Badge Dale), who is the son of James and Margaret Dutton (Tim McGraw and Faith Hill). As such, Jacob Dutton (Harrison Ford) and Cara Dutton (Helen Mirren) are John’s uncle and aunt.

Marley Shelton spoke about the time period of “1923” and how “this was not that long ago,” she said. That is, when there was no instant form of communication and people were still carving out their place in the West.

When asked about Emma’s relationship with Cara, Shelton replied, “I think that they are in the trenches together. I think that they both deal with this really intense, challenging existence of being completely devoted to their family and their spouses and their life on the ranch. And then part of that is their beloved men going off to the great unknown [maybe to] never come back.”

Shelton continued, “So I think they have each other to lean on. And I think there’s […] a stoicism to this life […] and I think that there’s an unspoken, ‘let’s just keep all the trains moving on time.’ I think the duties on the ranch, the running of the ranch when their men are gone, just keeps them focused and grounded from falling into the trap of loneliness […] and in a way they’re just doers, and that forward momentum is what keeps them afloat.”

Marley Shelton Talks Her Character On ‘1923,’ Plus Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren’s ‘Passion’ for Acting

Marley Shelton and James Badge Dale each had praise for their co-stars, Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren. Dale lauded them for their “professionalism, their creativity, their passion for the work, and their sense of humor.”

He continued, “They’re there before I am! And I’m someone who’s at work, you know? I don’t go back to the trailer. But [I can’t tell you] how many times I’d pop onto set, and Harrison’s there saying ‘Where were you? What’s the matter with you?’” he laughed.

Shelton, meanwhile, shared that she’s always been a big fan of the duo. “Obviously, I’m a massive fan of both of their [careers] and have been for so long,” she admitted. “But I’d say I’m an even bigger fan of them as people now that I’ve had the privilege of spending some time with them.”

“1923” premieres on Dec. 18 on Paramount+, and you can stick with us for all the news and insights into the next installment in the “Yellowstone” Universe.