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‘1923’ Star Brandon Sklenar Opens Up About His On-Screen Romance

by Shelby Scott
Brandon Sklenar & Julia Schlaepfer in '1923'
Brandon Sklenar as Spencer Dutton and Julia Schlaepfer as Alexandra of the Paramount+ series 1923. Photo Cr: Emerson Miller/Paramount+ © 2022 Viacom International Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Taylor Sheridan‘s Yellowstone spinoff 1923 centers around Jacob and Cara Dutton’s efforts to protect the Yellowstone ranch. However, in more recent episodes, producers have turned our attention more toward the magnetic relationship between the Duttons’ nephew Spencer, played by actor Brandon Sklenar, and his fiancé, Alex. 1923 is on a temporary hiatus throughout the month of January. In the meantime, Sklenar is going behind the scenes of his character’s fiery romance with Julia Schlaepfer’s character.

During a recent interview, Sklenar said that, more than anything, Spencer’s relationship with Alex gives his character a reason to keep living. Until that point, the character has only been surviving. As we saw in 1923 flashbacks, Spencer became a hunter in Africa as a way to cope with PTSD from the World War. However, after meeting Alex, Spencer’s life becomes more meaningful and fulfilling again.

Speaking about his fictional relationship, the 1923 star insisted that Spencer’s feelings for Alex are “genuine.”

Spencer’s Relationship with Alex Aids in His Survival

“I think it’s all genuine, from the jump,” Sklenar explained. “She affects him in such a way, in the bar when they first meet and then, especially, the second meeting. She just resonates with him in his heart, in his soul, in a way that he’s never felt before, and she’s tapping into a part of him that’s been dead for years.”

This is significant because, until meeting Schlaepfer’s Alex, Spencer is “doing whatever he can to survive most of the time, while also not caring if he died.”

That fact is easily noted during one particular scene between Sklenar and Schlaepfer. Spencer admits to Alex following their encounter with lions that he never wants to feel that fear again.

Since then, Alex and Spencer have retreated to an island paradise in Zanzibar, Africa. There, they plan to live in peace and simply enjoy each other’s company. However, when Alex finally gets Spencer to go through years’ worth of letters from Helen Mirren’s Cara Dutton, he quickly finds out that his brother has been killed. A new preview shows that that’s all it takes to get Spencer and Alex on a boat back to America. However, as we see in the clip, their journey back to Montana certainly won’t be an easy one. Tune in to Paramount Network on February 5th to see what comes next for 1923‘s generation of Duttons.

The First 3 Episodes of ‘1923’ Are a Prologue

Though we’ve already seen the fourth episode of 1923, with episode five scheduled to premiere in early February, series star James Badge Dale previously explained how the first three episodes in the limited series are a kind of prologue.

When 1923 opens, our very first introduction to Cara Dutton sees her taking down an unknown man with a shotgun. Blood drips from her hairline and she tilts her head up and screams to the sky after killing the man. Badge Dale explained previously, “This is where the story starts. The first scene you see in episode one, that’s the beginning of the story.”