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‘1923’ Star Brandon Sklenar Sheds Light on His Character’s Indiana Jones Connection

by Samantha Whidden
1923 Star Brandon Sklenar
(Photo Credit: Emerson Miller/Paramount+ © 2022 Viacom International Inc.)

Following the season finale of his hit TV series 1923, Brandon Sklenar opens up about the comparison between his character Spencer Dutton and Harrison Ford’s iconic role Indiana Jones. 

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During his recent interview with Above the Line, Sklenar addressed the interesting comparison. “Yeah. You know, he’s got the browns,” the 1923 star stated about his character. “He wears the browns, and he’s got the boots. I don’t like snakes, and neither did he. You know, because of the adventure aspect to it that we had in those first few episodes, especially, I kind of knew that comparison would be inevitable.”

1923 fans have had discussions about Brandon Sklenar playing various action-adventure characters. Along with Indiana Jones, there were talks on Reddit about him being a better fit than Tom Holland as Nate Drake in the Uncharted film. 

“Currently watching 1923 and Brandon Sklenar’s character Spencer is giving me some Indiana Jones vibes while he is [traveling] in Africa,” one Reddit user explained. “Not to mention his Uncle is played by Harrison Ford on the show. This got me thinking he should have been Nathan Drake in the Uncharted movie from last year and not Tom Holland.”

Although someone else pointed out that they would have liked to see Nathan Fillion as the famous Nathan Drake, another Reddit user said, “That too but he is already old Brandon Sklenar is 30 and seems more in line with Nate’s age from Drake’s Fortune.”

‘1923’ Star Brandon Sklenar Discusses Chemistry With Co-Star Julia Schlaepfer 

Meanwhile, Brandon Sklenar spoke about the chemistry he and his 1923 co-star Julia Schlaepfer have on the show. “We are truly so lucky,” Brandon explained. Sklenar then said that he and the 1923 actress did not do a chemistry read. “I think [Taylor Sheridan] just had an intuition and trusted. It, and it worked.”

Brandon Sklenar also said that the chemistry helped make the 1923 set a safe working environment as well. “To be able to look across at the person and know that they’re there with you, that they’re present, and that you’re not afraid to fail. You’re not afraid to put yourself out there.”

The 1923 star also stated that he and Schlaepfer had fun on the set as well. “It’s nice to have levity on a set like this when it can be very heavy sometimes,” he explained. “And it’s important to remember that you’re just making a thing.”

In regards to looking forward to 1923’s second season, Brandon Sklenar went on to gush about his excitement. “It’s going to be great to see everybody again, really,” Sklenar declared. He then added, “I’m excited to be in Montana.”