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‘1923’ Star Helen Mirren Recalls Playing Harrison Ford’s Wife Decades Before ‘Yellowstone’ Prequel

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

This weekend we will finally be able to catch Hollywood icons Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren in the premiere of the latest Yellowstone spinoff series, 1923. In this series, the two well-known film stars come together to play husband and wife Jacob and Cara Dutton. Those who are following Yellowstone and the complicated family trees emerging from the various prequel spin-offs know that Ford’s Jacob Dutton and Mirren’s Cara Dutton are the great-great uncle and aunt of Kevin Costner’s John Dutton.

Early sneak peeks of the series and photos advertising the series tell us a lot about what we can expect from the long-awaited series. Primarily the characters the actors portray as a married couple. In fact, the duo played husband and wife before.

Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren came together decades ago portraying a married couple in the 1986 film The Mosquito Coast. In this film, Harrison Ford portrays a husband and a father who moves their family from the city. He hopes to build a sort of utopia in the Central American jungle. This past experience, Helen Mirren says, made jumping into the 1923 roles super easy for the accomplished actors.

It Was Like No Time Had Passed When Helen Mirren And Harrison Ford Came Together For 1923

Helen Mirren remembers starring in the 1986 film with Ford and how they were each at very different stages in their careers. So, when they reconnected in 1923, it was like no time had even passed.

“I was quite well known in England, but not known in America at all,” actress Helen Mirren says of her career at the time.

“We loved working together,” the actress continues. Mirren notes that after starring together in The Mosquito Coast the two stars went their separate ways. However, the minute they reconnected for the upcoming Yellowstone prequel it was “as if those years had just come together,” Mirren says.

“But in a better way even,” she relates. “Because now I was more on an equal partnership.”

Ford’s Jacob Dutton Knows Who The Boss Is

Harrison Ford agrees with Mirren’s description of their relationship. He adds that he finds the same type of joy she does starring as a married couple all these years later. The longtime actor notes that their 1923 on-screen dynamic is a good one. And that Jacob Dutton may be the patriarch of the Yellowstone ranch…however, it’s Cara who really runs the show.

“He knows it and he shows it,” Harrison Ford explains.

“And that’s just a part of the fabric of their lives,” the movie star adds. “He does his thing, she does her thing. And they live comfortably together.”

“There is this sort of natural ease we have with each other,” Helen Mirren says of her costar.

“She’s very smart, very astute and she knows her craft,” Ford says of Mirren. “Our scenes have been nothing but a pleasure.”