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‘1923’ Star Helen Mirren Reveals How Her Own Marriage Helped Cara Dutton in the ‘Yellowstone’ Prequel

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Robin L Marshall/FilmMagic)

There are just days left until the long-awaited series premiere of 1923. In the meantime, the series’ leading lady, actress Helen Mirren, is speaking out about how her own marriage helped inform her character Cara Dutton. She’s also addressing how it helped influence her onscreen marriage with Harrison Ford’s Jacob Dutton.

Reflecting on marriage and her character’s relationship, Mirren shared with ET, “It’s a partnership, isn’t it?”

“I may be the boss, but he’s the leader. It’s an equal partnership,” she explained, “and I know from being with my husband [director Taylor Hackford]. We’ve been married now for, I’ve completely forgotten how long we’ve been married for. But, you know, quite a long time.”

As we’ve seen in the previews for Yellowstone‘s latest prequel, it feels the same between Jacob and Cara Dutton. Helen Mirren further said of her 1923 character and Harrison Ford’s, “It becomes a partnership, a partnership with love, but a partnership and that’s very much where marriage can be a long process and it has many phases that it goes through.”

The 1923 trailer shows that this pair of Duttons live in as much turmoil as those in 1883 and Yellowstone. Nevertheless, it’s apparent that, more than anything, Hellen Mirren and Harrison Ford’s characters depend on one another. Amid the violence and heartache, they depend on one another for love and support. This differs from Yellowstone as we never actually met John (Kevin Costner) as a married man. Ahead of the premiere, Mirren concluded, “if you manage to stay together through love, you come to this very beautiful place where it is this equal partnership and I think that’s where Cara and Jacob are.”

Harrison Ford Says Reuniting with Helen Mirren in ‘1923’ Has Been a ‘Pleasure’

We have yet to see how Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford work with one another in 1923. But still, both actors have repeatedly commended one another’s work. Ahead of the premiere, which is Sunday, December 18th on Paramount Network, the Jacob Dutton actor said that working alongside the British-born actress has been both a personal and professional pleasure.

The pair originally worked together on the 1986 film The Mosquito Coast. More than three decades later, Ford and Mirren have again come together to put on what will surely be another massive success for Yellowstone creator and 1883 mastermind Taylor Sheridan.

Reflecting on his experience filming 1923 with Helen Mirren, Harrison Ford recently said, “I admire her work and her person [now], and I have all the same degree of admiration for her as I did then. She’s wonderful, she’s just a lovely person, and so it’s been both a professional pleasure and a personal pleasure working with her again.”

Helen Mirren simultaneously shared similar praise for Harrison Ford, crediting him for teaching her “a great deal about film acting that to this day [that she’s] still using.”