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‘1923’ Star Julia Schlaepfer Has Fans Going Wild Over Her Latest Instagram Pics

by Samantha Whidden
1923 star Julia Schlaepfer
(Photo by Momodu Mansaray/Getty Images)

Following the 2023 Oscars, 1923 star Julia Schlaepfer took to her Instagram to share some snapshots of her gorgeous Vanity Fair pre-Oscars party outfit. 

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In the pictures, the 1923 beauty was seen wearing a light pink crop turtleneck with a matching pencil skirt from N21 with silver-colored Jessica Rich heels. Although Schlaepfer didn’t share many details about her look, her stylist Sarah Slutsky Tooley gave credit to those who helped make the look possible. 

Fans quickly took to the Instagram post to share their thoughts about the 1923 actress’ Oscar party look. “Spencer would love that outfit,” one fan wrote adding a flame emoji. Another fan then stated, “Well, I had always thought you were a 10, but I was wrong. Bumping you up to a 12 after seeing these pictures.” 

Julia Schlaepfer’s appearance at the star-studded event came just weeks after the first season of 1923 came to an end. The hit Yellowstone spinoff has been renewed for a second season.

Julia Schlaepfer Says the Relationship Between ‘1923’ Charters Alex and Spencer Is a ‘Resilient Love Story’ 

Just after the season finale of 1923, Julia Schlaepfer spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about the “resilient love story” between her character Alex and Brandon Sklenar’s Spencer. 

“Love is hard,” Schlaepfer said about the relationship. “Love is not easy. But because [Alex’s] so resilient, their love is so resilient. And now being separated is certainly the biggest test that they’ve had to go through, which is hard to believe given how much they already have been through.”

Julia Schlaepfer then spoke about how her 1923 character is so strong internally. So when Spencer attempted to leave her and tried to tell her his doubts, Alex didn’t let him go easily. “She says, Absolutely not. I’m here. I’m sticking this out.’ And it’s such a beautiful example of the strongest type of love.”

With that, the 1923 star hopes Alex will be seen fighting tooth and nail to get back with Spencer and to see him again. When asked why Alex hasn’t been scared off by Spencer’s “demons,” Schlaepfer said, “She knows what he’s dealing with deep down in there, but she’s so disarming for him and he’s so disarming for her in a very different way. So she’s willing to put in that work and sit with him and listen to his stories. For her, it’s worth it.”

However, Schlaepfer went on to add that Alex may show her fear of his demons a bit more. This is after she finally processes what she’s witnessed in the first season. “But their connection is so strong that when she feels him leave that boat, she has to go to him.”