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‘1923’ Star Julia Schlaepfer Shares Insight on Her Seemingly Ill-Fated Love Story

by Samantha Whidden
1923 Star Julia Schlaepfer
(Photo Cr: Emerson Miller/Paramount+ © 2022 Viacom International Inc. All Rights Reserved).

Following the season finale of 1923, Julia Schlaepfer shares her insight on the seemingly ill-fated love story between Alexandra and Spencer Dutton. 

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During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Schlaepfer describes the relationship between Alex and Spencer as being so resilient. “And now being separated is certainly the biggest test that they’ve had to go through,” she explained. “Which is hard to believe given how much they already have been through.”

The 1923 actress then explained that she hoped that Alex will fight tooth and nail to get back with Spencer and to see him again. When asked if Alex is able to handle Spencer’s demons, Schlaepfer had some thoughts. “So I do think we’ll start to see her fear surrounding his demons come out a bit more,” she claimed. “As she processes what she’s just witnessed. But their connection is so strong that when she feels him leave that boat, she has to go to him.”

Julia Schlaepfer then explained that 1923 creator Taylor Sheridan wrote in the stage direction that when Alex was running to find Spencer, it felt like her soul was being ripped from her body. “Because it is. That’s what it feels like to lose someone that you love like that. He is a part of her now, and she’s going to fight for it, which I really admire.”

Julia Schlaepfer Talks Comparing ‘1923’ Boat Scene to ‘Titanic’

Meanwhile, Julia Schlaepfer spoke about how she and Brandon Sklenar would often quote Titanic during the boat scene between 1923’s Alex and Spencer. 

“From the beginning, we were like, ‘This has major Titanic vibes,’” Schlaepfer explained. “And you do get that from the characters a little bit. And yes, we were certainly singing a lot of Titanic, and I’m sure there’s a lot of BTS footage out there of us singing.”

Schlaepfer also said that she and Sklenar would perform the Titanic theme song, My Heart Will Go On, for the 1923 crew. “We’d stand on the deck of the ship, and they would all be doing their jobs, just setting up cameras and stuff like that. And while we were waiting to film, we’d literally dance around together and sing My Heart Will Go On. 

Schlaepfer then commented that she wasn’t quite sure if the crew appreciated the performance very much. However, there is footage of it somewhere. 

In regards to the belly rub she did for a second in the season finale, Schlaepfer said she has theories. “So we’ll see where she ends up when we are back for season two. But when I was filming those scenes, there were definitely some moments where I was choosing to believe that maybe it was more than motion sickness.”