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‘1923’ Star Julia Schlaepfer Speaks Out About Why Fans Are Getting ‘Impatient Online’

by Samantha Whidden
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(Photo Credit: Emerson Miller/Paramount+ © 2022 Viacom International Inc.)

Following the return of Yellowstone spinoff series 1923, Julia Schlaepfer speaks out about why fans are getting impatient online when it comes to Alexandra and Spencer finally getting back to Montana. 

During an interview with Deadline, Schlaepfer spoke about the fans’ impatience. “I know, everyone is so impatient online,” the actress explained. She then said she wants Alexandra and Spencer to get to Montana as well. “I want her to meet the whole family. I can’t tell you, but it will take some time. They’ve got to cross the ocean and they have to cross the country.”

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Also speaking about her 1923 character’s speech in the tugboat, Julia Schlaepfer said it was really important. She noted that the character wanted to go on the adventure with Spencer. “She didn’t know what the world was truly like,” Julia explained. “We’ve watched her get absolutely rocked by all the things that have happened to them, the lions and now the boat.”

Schlaepfer further explained that Alexandra and Spencer’s journey continues, there are going to more difficult moments for them. “She’s kind of convincing herself that she’s not going to be scared. She chose this life no matter what. It’s going to be her and Spencer until the end.”

In regards to where the tugboat scene was filmed, Julia said that it was all in Malta. “It was freezing. It was their winter time. We all thought it was going to be warm because Malta sounds like Italy — very warm. We just shivered in the water tank the whole week, but it was a great bonding experience and so much fun.”

Julia Schlaepfer Talks Being Cast in ‘1923’ and Going Through ‘Cowboy Camp’

While continuing to speak to Deadline about her experience on the 1923 set, Julia Schlaepfer revealed more details about her getting cast in the Yellowstone spinoff. 

Schlaepfer admitted that she had never seen Yellowstone or the other spinoff 1883 before receiving details about the role. “We were never going to watch it because we thought it was so funny how much they wanted us to watch it,” Schlaepfer said about her and her brother’s refusal to listen to their parents about the shows. “Then I got the audition, read the script, and just fell in love with the story and character, of course.”

She then met with Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan for the screen test. Schlaepfer recalled by the end of the audition, everyone was crying in to the audition room. “He called the next morning when I was at the airport and he said, ‘you’re Alexandra.’ I met Brandon Sklenar [who plays Spencer] on the first day of Cowboy Camp.”

In regards to her experience at “cowboy camp,” Schlaepfer said she and Sklenar got to do an extended cowboy camp because everyone was in Montana shooting. “We had a month or two before we had to fly out to Africa with the crew,” she added.