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‘1923’ Star Michelle Randolph Speculates On Liz’s Relation to ‘Yellowstone’s John Dutton

by Joe Rutland
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(Photo by Gilbert Flores/WWD via Getty Images)

Actress Michelle Randolph plays Liz Stafford in 1923 but she’s not too sure about her character’s relation with Yellowstone‘s John Dutton. Liz is a rather feisty woman who is married to Jack Dutton. Will Liz be the grandmother to John Dutton, played by Kevin Costner? Or does that fall to another character on 1923? It’s a question worth pondering and Randolph does that very thing.

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“I’m so confused,” Randolph told The Wrap in an interview. “I have no idea. It’s funny because that’s been something that we as a cast have talked about since the beginning, and we have no… I have no clue. I know nothing. I have no insight. We’re all in it together.”

‘1923’ Actress Michele Randolph Admits That She Wasn’t a Big Fan Of ‘Yellowstone’

Before she signed on to play Liz, Randolph admits that she was not a big fan of Yellowstone. “My dad did,” she said. “And he told me about it every day. I swear for the last five years of my life, I’ve heard the word Yellowstone too many times. And so I knew about it. And then when 1883 came out, I did watch 1883 and I loved that. I had heard about the fact that they were doing 1923, but I was really surprised when I got the audition. Because, obviously, you don’t know what the story’s going to be. But I was really excited. Now I have become a Yellowstone fan. Now I know too much about Yellowstone.”

When it comes to interacting with show creator Taylor Sheridan, sometimes it might cause problems with actors. But that was not the case for Randolph. “Well, when we obviously auditioned, there was a character breakdown, so that had quite a bit of information to at least go off of,” Randolph said. “And then his writing is so good. Reading the scripts, it’s easy to get a sense of what you feel like your character’s job is in the story and who you are.”

Late Scripts Have Not Been A Problem For Randolph On Her Show

Sheridan also has a tendency to get 1923 scripts rather late to the actors. Has that caused any issues for Michelle Randolph? “When I booked the show, I had the first three scripts so I knew that much,” she said. “For me, once I have the character, I feel like, you know, who they are pretty quickly. You’re always discovering new things, but I was more just curious about what was going to happen. We always had enough time and I always had the scripts far enough in advance to where it didn’t throw you off.”