‘1923’ Stars Harrison Ford, Helen Mirren Salaries Revealed

by Jon D. B.

Taylor Sheridan is banking on the biggest stars in Hollywood for his next Yellowstone prequel, 1923, and it’s costing a pretty penny.

Booking Harrison Ford as the lead for your next television project is no cheap feat, literally. A new report from Variety reportedly reveals his salary for Sheridan’s 1923 epic, and it’s as massive as you’d expect.

According to the trade, Ford will make $1 million per episode. With 10 episodes expected (i.e. 1883), the show will net the icon a staggering $10 million for filming his episodes alone. Co-lead Helen Mirren will bank the same at $1 million per episode.

Their salaries come as streaming services fight over the biggest names in Hollywood. Snagging movie stars for episodic series is a common strategy these days, and it works. But it’s also creating a massive pay disparity for cast members. Per Variety‘s report, actors appearing second on call sheets typically see a salary that’s $200,000 less (or more) than leads. This number continues to fall by hundreds of thousands for names further down on the callsheet.

With no other megastar names attached to 1923, it’s likely Ford and Mirren’s salaries will quadruple what any other actor hopes to make on the show.

Taylor Sheridan is Making Actors Rich Through His ‘Yellowstone’ Empire, and ‘1923’ Is Up Next

When Yellowstone‘s Kevin Costner began filming the series, he reportedly made $500,000 per episode. This was in 2018, a lifetime ago in television time.

Five years ago, banking on Hollywood’s biggest names for television series was still a rare feat; a unicorn scenario. Today, however, there’s little-to-no chance of securing profitable viewership without a megastar’s name attached to a new property.

As these properties grow, so do actor salaries. Five years on, Costner is now making $1.3 million per episode for Yellowstone‘s latest season. And with 14 episodes coming via Season 5 alone, he’s set to make a cool $18.2 million from this season alone.

Other reports quote Costner’s Yellowstone salary at an even larger $1.4 million. If this is the case, then he’s set to make a staggering $19.4 million from Season 5. In short, Yellowstone is solely responsible for a television landscape in which Kevin Costner is making more money than Harrison Ford.

There’s no word on if Ford and Mirren are expecting percentages from 1923, however. If they are/do, then they could surpass Costner’s payday. With 1923 technically a new property, though, their flat $1 million makes sense.

Sheridan’s next historical prequel is currently filming in Butte, Montana. 1923 is scheduled for a December release exclusively on Paramount+. As with 1883, Yellowstone fans should expect the first episodes of the prequel to air on Paramount Network following episodes of Yellowstone Season 5.