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‘1923’s Harrison Ford Plays a ‘Blue-Collar Shrink’ in New Trailer for His Upcoming Series: VIDEO

by Shelby Scott
Harrison Ford Attends '1923' Premiere Event
(Photo by David Becker/Getty Images for Paramount+)

Harrison Ford‘s been thrilling Yellowstone audiences with his portrayal of cattle rancher Jacob Dutton in the original series prequel 1923. In his latest project, however, Ford is hanging up the cowboy hat and abandoning his chaps to fulfill the role of a “blue-collar shrink” in Apple TV+’s brand new series, Shrinking. Check out the streaming platform’s trailer below.

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ford takes to the screen alongside How I Met Your Mother star Jason Segel, who plays one of two therapist proteges, Jimmy Laird. The show centers around Jimmy as he grieves the loss of his wife and proceeds to take a more “hands-on” approach to help his clients navigate their own personal problems and trauma.

In the trailer, Jimmy tells 1923 star Harrison Ford’s Paul Rhodes, “I think I can help people if I get my hands a little dirtier. We know what they should do. Don’t you ever wanna shake them?”

Frustrating as it might be to Segel’s character, Dr. Rhodes insists, “we don’t shake them. Are you just gonna burn down your career and take me with you?”

Although we’ve only spent four episodes of 1923 so far getting to know Harrison Ford’s Jacob Dutton, we’ve already watched him and other characters battle diverse emotions, including grief. Ford’s new role in the popular streaming platform’s Shrinking, however, helps viewers explore grief in a new, light-hearted kind of way.

1923‘s Harrison Ford makes his debut as Dr. Paul Rhodes, a pioneer in cognitive behavioral therapy, when Shrinking premieres on Apple TV+ on Friday, January 27th.

‘1923’ Star Says Harrison Ford is One of the ‘Last Movie Stars’

Harrison Ford is demonstrating his full capability as one of Hollywood’s last living “movie stars” adapting from the nitty-gritty role of 1923‘s Jacob Dutton to the emotionally gruff—but equally compassionate—role of Dr. Paul Rhodes with ease. Previously, Ford’s 1923 costar James Badge Dale (John Dutton Sr.) spoke about the 80-year-old icon’s role in the Taylor Sheridan-produced show, commending his impact on the world of acting overall.

Reflecting on his work alongside Harrison Ford in 1923, Badge Dale, who has also appeared in a number of popular films including Iron Man 3 and The Departed, said the veteran actor is one of Hollywood’s “last movie stars.”

The John Dutton Sr. actor claimed, “You know, there’s not many movie stars left. He is it.”

Badge Dale continued, “He is kind, he is humble. He’s the hardest working guy there. We had a great time riding horses together and I learned a lot from him. And we had a lot of fun.”

“Fun,” above all else, is what made Harrison Ford and James Badge Dale’s 80-hour weeks on the set of 1923 bearable. The TV star explained, “You gotta have fun” when you’re working those hours. “You gotta come in there and you better enjoy this and you better show up prepared and you better have a rough response to everything.”