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‘1923’s Harrison Ford on Why Ranch Life Is Perfect For Him and His Family

by Shelby Scott
Harrison Ford Attends '1923' Premiere Event
(Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

Much like his 1923 character Jacob Dutton, Harrison Ford enjoys life on a ranch in the Mountain West region with his family. Now, he’s speaking out about why life far from Hollywood is perfect for himself and his family.

“I don’t think anybody was doing what I did,” Harrison Ford said of his and his family’s decision to leave Los Angeles and settle on an 800-acre ranch in Wyoming in the 1980s. “I don’t know anybody.”

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Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, the 1923 star explained, “Once people are established to a certain degree, they don’t have to be at a roll call in Hollywood — which is a fictional place anyway … The movie business is everywhere now. It’s in Atlanta. It’s in New Orleans. People are building studios in Montana with a big investment.”

Ultimately, what led Harrison Ford to leave LA was his sense of freedom and the freedom he wanted for his children.

“The question is: How do you want to spend your life?” the movie star continued. “How much freedom do you have against how much freedom do you want? Do you care if you miss roles or not? Do you want to be there for everything? I lived in Los Angeles a long time before I left. I wanted [freedom] for my kids.”

And what could possibly offer more freedom than 800 acres of wide open space in the American West?

Harrison Ford Reveals How His ‘1923’ Role Compares to His Real-Life Experiences

Harrison Ford and his 1923 character Jacob Dutton don’t only share a similar style of living. Ford revealed he and the early 20th-century cowboy have shared, on some levels, similar emotional experiences.

Thinking back on how Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan initially approached Ford about his role, the actor explained, “When Taylor and I first met face-to-face, there was no script because he didn’t want to write a script for people that are going to turn him down. But there are things in the scripts that I never would’ve anticipated that are emotionally consistent with things that have happened in my life.”

Though he considered those mind-blowing similarities “little things,” he didn’t go into detail about what exactly they were. Instead, he gave readers a brief, general idea of what made the role in 1923 so impactful.

“He talks about turning a natural place into a city and the consequences to nature and for people that live there,” Harrison Ford said of Sheridan’s writing in 1923. “He talks about it with real understanding and real complexity. I’m struck by how consistent it is with what I think — or what I might have thought were I a rancher with the same personality in 1923.”