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‘1923’s Helen Mirren Believes Spencer Dutton will ‘Show Up Quickly’ in Season 2

by Joe Rutland
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(Photo by Shy McGrath/WireImage)

For 1923 fans waiting for Spencer Dutton, played by Brandon Sklenar, to show up, Helen Mirren has a guess about it. Mirren plays Cara on the Taylor Sheridan show, which wrapped up Season 1 last Sunday.

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“I think Spencer’s gonna show up pretty quickly,” Mirren said in an interview with Deadline. “I got the sense that Taylor was really imaginatively attracted to Spencer’s adventures, which were great for the audience, I thought. He made a great storyline, which was really beautiful to watch. I hope Spencer comes home soon, though. I dunno how many more letters I’ve got in me.”

‘1923’ Star Helen Mirren Talked About Where She Came Up With Irish Origin

We will have to wait until Season 2 of 1923 to see how all of this plays out. Meanwhile, if you are wondering how Cara’s Irish origin came about, then we have an answer for you. “I thought of making her Irish because America very much in those days was a country of immigrants,” Mirren said..”I wanted to heighten that fact.” Sheridan went along with Mirren’s idea, too. Mirren went ahead and used an Irish accent to make her point and elaborate Cara’s ethnicity.

Mirren also gave sokme background on her casting for the part of Cara Dutton. She was not cast first. As hard as that may be to believe, Harrison Ford was cast first. He plays Jacob Dutton on the show.

“Well, we don’t quite know,” Mirren said. “Harrison says that I was asked first and then he agreed because I had agreed.” She has her side of the story, though. “My side of the story is that he was already cast when I was asked to join it, and I joined because Harrison had joined. So we’re not quite sure which came first, but I think it’s a wonderful pairing. We love each other very much as people. I love Harrison. There’s just no two ways about it.”

Actress Broke Her Finger While Working On New ‘Shazam!’ Sequel

While the focus here has been on Mirren’s work on 1923, the actress is working on other projects, too. She just recently wrapped up work on a Shazam! sequel. While she was at work on the film, she broke her finger. “I was incredibly brave and didn’t say anything or complain,” Mirren said during an appearance on The Graham Norton Show. “Because I wanted to be a real ‘stunty’ person.” Mirren has proven to be one of the finest actresses in the world through her numerous different roles. She seems to be adapting quite well to playing Cara in 1923.