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‘1923’s Helen Mirren Plays Never Have I Ever with Kelly Clarkson, Shares Juicy Secret

by Taylor Cunningham
Helen Mirren Kelly Clarkson
(Photo by: Weiss Eubanks/NBCUniversal via Getty Images)

Helen Mirren may be the ultimate picture of refinement, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t let loose some days.

The Oscar winner visited the Kelly Clarkson Show with her Shazam: Fury of the Gods co-star Adam Brody on St. Patrick’s Day. And to celebrate the day, the duo played a few rounds of Never Have I Ever with Clarkson.

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The game, which is reminiscent of college days, goes like this: Someone says a wild and crazy thing they’ve never done, and if someone else has done it, they take a sip of beer. In this case, the three were drinking green beer for the holiday.

Clarkson called her game “You’re Damned If You’ve…” But she admitted it was the same as Never Have I Ever. The only real difference was the computer asked the questions.

The very first question was, ” You’re damned if you’ve…gone skinny dipping.” Initially, Helen Mirren scoffed at the idea as Clarkson and Brody took a nice long chug of their emerald brews.

“Are you serious?” Clarkson asked, genuinely shocked. “I have multiple times. I love being naked. Naked is fun. And the older you get, gravity makes it even funnier.”

Dame Helen Mirren is this Year’s Critics Choice Super Awards Best Actress Winner

Adam Brody didn’t believe Mirren from the start, however, and he called her out for “not playing the game.”

Brody then asked Clarkson to define skinny dipping, meaning, does it only count if it’s in public, or can it be in a private pool? Clarkson said a private spot counts. And with that, in the most poised fashion, Mirren picked up her beer and took a long sip.

“Well, in that case,” she said as she did it.

Helen Mirren—or Dame Helen Mirren to those who know her well—also enjoyed a career success the day before her visit with Clarkson. The actress nabbed the win for Best Actress in an Action Series from the Critics Choice Super Awards thanks to her work in 1923.

The event spun out for the Critics Choice Association in 2020. It pays tribute to the best in the TV and home media fiction genres of animation, fantasy, science fiction, horror, action, and superhero.

Mirren’s Yellowstone franchise co-star Kevin Costner also took home the Critics Choice Association award for Best Actor in an Action Series.