‘1932’: When Will the Trailer Be Unveiled?

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Yellowstone” fans wanting to know who will star in the upcoming “1932” spinoff will be happy to know that a trailer should be coming sometime this summer.

Last week, show creator Taylor Sheridan said he had a script. If it follows the “1883” path to our screens, we can expect it later this year or in early 2023.

Beyond the script and date, Matt & Jess Carter says there will be a lot to look for besides the 1932 trailer beyond the writing and date. 

Trailer Will Have Some Answers To Questions

We will have to see what 1932 holds for the Dutton clan. Historically, we’ll see the family a few years removed from The Great Depression. Families at that point are struggling everywhere. The Dutton Ranch may be going, but it may be just beginning to act as a character in the fabled series. Maybe Prohibition will take a minor role?

Cartermatt also figured there would be that same tumultuous struggle for the Dutton’s land that we all-too-well know about in “Yellowstone.” 

The ‘1932’ Cast Still Mysterious

The Paramount folks know “Yellowstone” fans love being in the know about any tidbit they can get for these spinoffs.

If Sheridan follows his timeline, we’ll see a young John Dutton Sr. However, will he be the focal point of this spinoff? We don’t know.

Maybe John will be a grown man in the new series with his own family. John’s got a son that would probably be John Dutton’s father or grandpa.

“Yellowstone” executive producer David Glasser may have some answers. He has worked on practically all of Taylor Sheridan’s projects.

One of his “hints” may be that “1932” focuses a lot on John from “1883,” but we’ll have to wait and see. 

‘1883’ Executive Producer: ‘1932’ Early Vision Was Season 2 of Prequel 

“Yellowstone” EP David Glasser is already upfront about the origin of “1932.”

While “1932” was supposed to come from the second season of “1883,” things changed. Paramount and Sheridan went in the other direction.

Earlier this month, Glasser told The Hollywood Reporter that “1932” is a standalone series with “Yellowstone”-esqe characters.

“There was one version — and now there’s going to be two versions,” Glasser said.

Maybe that will satisfy the “Yellowstone” history buffs for now. Personally, it’ll be interesting to see the family react to the times and any allusions to the Civil War down the road.

“Everything is well-thought-out with Taylor. So when you see what’s coming, you’ll see it’s pretty exciting,” Glasser told the website.

Glasser called the success of “1883” an “incredible journey.” He said the show’s producers like how fans flocked to it. Now he’s “excited for people to see all the other great stuff that we’re doing around it now.”