25 Actors With Multiple Appearances in Taylor Sheridan’s Universe: ‘Yellowstone,’ ‘1883,’ ‘Wind River’ & More

by Jim Casey
(Photo by Todd Williamson/Getty Images)

As a writer, director, producer, and creator, Taylor Sheridan has constructed a formidable universe, both on television and the big screen. And his list of credits is growing. Taylor has had his hand in numerous films, including Vile (director), Sicario (writer), Hell or High Water (writer), Wind River (writer, director), Sicario: Day of Soldado (writer), Without Remorse (writer), and Those Who Wish Me Dead (writer, director, producer). On television, Sheridan has made a name for himself with Yellowstone (writer, director, producer, creator), Mayor of Kingstown (writer, director, producer, creator), 1883 (writer, director, producer, creator), and Tulsa King (writer, producer, creator). In addition, there are more TV shows and films on the way, including 1923, Fast, Lioness, Land Man, and 6666.

Of course, if you’re a fan of Sheridan’s work, you’ve probably noticed his penchant for using the same actors throughout his universe. Sure, Sheridan may “kill” an actor off of one TV show, but there’s a good chance he’ll use him or her in another show or movie . . . or vice versa.

Take a look at some of the actors who have scored multiple roles within the Sheridan-verse. And yes, this is an ever-expanding list.

1. Gil Birmingham

  • Alberto Parker: Hell or High Water
  • Martin Hanson: Wind River
  • Thomas Rainwater: Yellowstone

2. Kelsey Asbille

3. Josh Brolin

  • Matt Graver: Sicario
  • Matt Graver: Sicario: Day of the Soldado

4. Tokala Clifford

  • Sam Stands Alone: Yellowstone
  • Sam Littlefeather: Wind River

5. Ian Bohen

  • Julian: Vile
  • Evan: Wind River
  • Ryan: Yellowstone
  • Carson Wills: Sicario: Day of the Soldado

6. Jon Bernthal

  • Ted: Sicario
  • Ethan: Those Who Wish Me Dead
  • Matt Rayburn: Wind River

7. Benicio del Toro

  • Alejandro Gillick: Sicario
  • Alejandro Gillick: Sicario: Day of the Soldado

8. Jeffrey Donovan

  • Steve Forsing: Sicario
  • Steve Forsing: Sicario: Day of the Soldado

9. Nichole Galicia

  • Rebecca: Mayor of Kingstown
  • Street Lady: 1883
  • Charlotte Riley: Yellowstone

10. Hugh Dillon

  • Curtis: Wind River
  • Donnie Haskell: Yellowstone
  • Ian Ferguson: Mayor of Kingstown

11. Graham Greene

12. Finn Little

  • Connor: Those Who Wish Me Dead
  • Carter: Yellowstone

13. Jeremy Renner

14. Althea Sam

  • Annie: Wind River
  • Samantha Long’s mother: Yellowstone

15. James Jordan

  • Pete Mickens: Wind River
  • Ben: Those Who Wish Me Dead
  • Steve Hendon: Yellowstone
  • Ed Simmons: Mayor of Kingstown
  • Cookie: 1883
  • TBA: Lioness

16. Martin Sensmeier

  • Sam: 1883
  • Martin: Yellowstone
  • Chip: Wind River

17. Taylor Sheridan

  • Cowboy: Hell or High Water
  • Travis Wheatley: Yellowstone
  • Charles Goodnight: 1883

18. Boots Southerland

  • Sheriff: Those Who Wish Me Dead
  • Wade Morrow: Yellowstone
  • Marshal Keith: Sicario

19. Buck Taylor

20. Rob Kirkland

  • Greg: Vile
  • Bill Ramsey: Yellowstone
  • Captain Walter: Mayor of Kingstown

21. Barry Corbin

  • Ross: Yellowstone
  • Babe: Tulsa King

22. Dawn Olivieri

  • Claire Dutton: 1883
  • Sarah Atwood: Yellowstone

23. LaMonica Garrett

  • Thomas: 1883
  • TBA: Lioness

24. Aidan Gillen

  • Jack: Those Who Wish Me Dead
  • Milo Sunter: Mayor of Kingstown

25. Billy Bob Thornton

  • Marshal Jim Courtright: 1883
  • TBA: Land Man