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A Montana Community Event May Have Just Revealed ‘Yellowstone’s Next Prequel Title

by Megan Molseed
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Photo Courtesy Paramount Network

Paramount Network officials attended a community thank-you event in the Hamilton Montana City Hall last weekend. During this event, the officials were speaking with community members highlighting the many benefits shows such as Yellowstone and 1923 have brought to the state over the years. Then, the network execs shared some big news: a new sequel is planned to be added to the Taylor Sheridan franchise of western dramas. This one is titled 1944 and will be filmed in Montana’s Bitterroot Valley, reports note.

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According to Tom Prince who serves as the executive vice president of 101 Studios, this new prequel series, 1944 will follow up 1923. Just as 1923 was a followup to Yellowstone’s original spin-off series, 1883. 101 Studios partners with Paramount in the production of Yellowstone and the neo-western drama’s various prequel projects.

Tom Prince adds that the studio and production execs are “not letting the cat out of the bag.” However, they are sharing the name of the latest spin-off series. The VP says, “my guess is that it’ll be shooting largely in the Bitterroot Valley.” This, Prince says is “because it has to take place at what is Chief Joseph Ranch.”

Yellowstone And Its Prequels Are Huge Hits Worldwide

According to Prince, the entire Yellowstone franchise is “an enormous hit” and not just in the U.S. the VP says.

“I was just in Europe two weeks ago. They talked about it in London, I’m like ‘how the hell do you know about Yellowstone in London?’” Prince relates. “It’s a big, big show. And it’s the highest quality of television being made right now.”

Additionally, recent studies conducted by Montana tourism officials note that filming the TV series in areas like Darby, Hamilton, and Missoula has had a significant impact on the state’s tourism economy. After all, anytime a fan tunes in to Yellowstone the filmmakers are exposing them to the breathtaking views that cover the sprawling state.

Millions Go Into The State Of Montana During Franchise Filming

Prince notes that the production company spent “$75 million last year.” This revenue amount accounts for just the Bitterroot Valley, Prince says. Montana filmmaker Lynn-Wood Fields agrees with Prince noting that filming Yellowstone and the spin-off shows in Montana is “not a small deal.

“It’s a big deal that Montana has the No. 1 television show in the nation filming in our backyard,” Fields relates.

“We also have over 100-plus productions that film besides that,” the filmmaker adds of the state of Montana. “All across the Hi-Line to Browning, and across the state.”

Fields continues on to say that “every year these productions are hiring more and more Montanans. And that’s essential.”