Before ‘Yellowstone’s Emmy Snubs, Kelly Reilly Was Clear: ‘None of Us Do This to Get Awards’

by Jon D. B.

“What’s more exciting to me is the passion that the fans have,” Kelly Reilly offered amidst Yellowstone‘s 2022 awards chatter.

To the force behind Beth Dutton, awards are wonderful, but they’re certainly not the reason for the season. It’s a sentiment shared (vocally) by Kevin Costner and Cole Hauser in recent interviews, too. But when asked – again – about the uptick in critical and awards appraisal for Yellowstone‘s fourth season, Kelly Reilly doesn’t hold back, either.

“It’s like we’ve been saying, we’ve been filming this for five years,” she begins for awards app Gold Derby amidst filming Season 5. “We’ve been so proud of it every season. And this year, or for season four, to suddenly have excitement and chatter about the show for award season and critics, it’s a new thing for us.”

But “certainly,” Reilly emphasizes with the shake of her head, “None of us do this to get awards. We do it for the work. The work itself. [The awards chatter] doesn’t change that for me.”

Instead, the fan-favorite actor is much more invested in, well, the fans that made her a favorite.

“What’s more exciting to me is the passion that the fans have for this show. I love that,” Reilly smiles. “It’s really special, and unique! And it keeps building. People want to talk to me about the characters and the show. They want to know what’s going to happen. They want to know [answers] to questions about these characters; there’s such an investment and passion.”

For Reilly, “That’s really one of the biggest thrills about success. Not only for me to just get to do the work on a daily basis when we’re filming, but the response from the general public.” That’s where the heart of her experience on Yellowstone lies, she emphasizes.

‘Yellowstone’s Kelly Reilly

“But now we’re being looked at in a way that… I’m talking to a lot of people who weren’t looking to talk to us before,” Reilly grins, offering a much more polite version of Cole Hauser’s savage roast of The Hollywood Reporter back in June.

In the end, however, Reilly does believe the awards recognition “is really nice. Of course it is! Because we’re really proud of it. We think [Yellowstone] deserves to be counted amongst the other brilliant TV shows that are being made right now in America. And I feel that we deserve a place there.”

But it “makes no difference as far as how I feel every day turning up to set,” she adds. “Because I truly – and all of us, I can say – truly feel incredibly proud of the work. It’s just so important to us. No one’s sitting on their laurels. No one shows up as if they don’t care.”

Even after five years, the core of Yellowstone still thrills Kelly Reilly. And why wouldn’t it?

“I just did a scene with Kevin,” she offers of the icon behind John Dutton, Kevin Costner. “He’s constantly looking. Constantly trying things; to find something different. That’s inspiring. And I love that.”

Watch the full interview below for plenty more from Kelly Reilly as she films Yellowstone Season 5.

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