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Best Kids’ Halloween 2020 Costumes Inspired By Paramount’s ‘Yellowstone’

by Jacklyn Krol
Paramount Network Press

Calling all Yellowstone fans, check out these kids’ creative costumes inspired by the hit Paramount show.

The Yellowstone Group Costumes

This mother-son duo portrayed Rip and Beth. Rip had his own beard, cowboy hat, and buckle. They completed the look with his own pack of Coors Light.

Finally, this little guy has his own custom Yellowstone jean jacket. They completed their especially epic looks with pumpkin buckets and hats.

All About Rip

Surprisingly, most of the little men opted for a Rip Wheeler costume.

“Happy Halloween from 🔥YELLOWSTONE RIP 🔥 Take ‘em to the train station, baby,” one mother captioned a photo. Her son is seen holding a can of beer with aviator sunglasses and the classic cowboy hat.

This little man had a full on ranch-themed photoshoot in his costume.

This mom helped make her son’s costume. She snagged a Yellowstone Dutton Ranch patch to complete his costume. Additionally, she used a sharpie to make a striking beard.

Not all of the costumes were about the famous Rip Wheeler. This kid opted to be the man himself, John Dutton. He is seen in a field holding a shotgun wearing a custom Dutton Ranch vest.

For the Adults

Putting together a costume to match your little one does not have to be that time-consuming. Next Halloween, be sure to check out our guide on how to get some custom Dutton and Yellowstone costume pieces. Some of the most popular costumes are of Rip Wheeler, Beth Dutton, and John Dutton.

Check out this couple’s Rip and Beth couple’s costume from this year, below.

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