Best Gifts for the ‘Yellowstone’ Mega-Fan: Dutton Clothing, ‘Yellowstone’ Gear, and More

by Jon D. B.

Need the perfect Yellowstone gifts? Get your loved ones looking, cooking, and living like a Dutton with these practical to fantastic grabs.

If it feels like everyone is a Yellowstone fan these days, that’s because they are. Television’s #1 show has taken over America, which comes with some excellent perks. What’s the best perk, you ask? Yellowstone merch galore!

Not just any merch, either. Fans can now grab everything from a top-of-the-line Lodge Cast Iron Yellowstone skillet to the exact aviators Rip Wheeler wears. And it may have taken five seasons, but there’s even Yellowstone monopoly now. You’ll find all of these gift ideas for the Dutton die-hards in your life below, alongside a whole lot more. So let’s get to it!

Top Pick: Lodge Cast Iron ‘Yellowstone’ Skillets

Lodge Cast Iron Yellowstone skillets. (Photo credit: Lodge Cast Iron media release)

First up is one of the finest crossovers in branding history, and a damn fine present all around. Lodge Cast Iron has partnered with the hit television show to create two Yellowstone inspired special edition cast iron skillets so fans everywhere can cook as a Dutton family member.

Like all LCI cookware, their American-made Yellowstone skillets are both collectible and fully functional. And once you have one in-hand, you’ll see why this is our top pick. It’s a truly stellar piece of cookware and top-of-the-line as a collectible, too. The best part? At around $30 each, neither of these skillets break the bank

Want to snag a skillet? Two sizes are available, each with a different premium design:

Lodge Cast Iron skillets are made with reliable durability and expert craftmanship to last for generations, just like the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. So don’t miss out!

Outsider PM Beverage Cooler: Perfect For Rip’s Coors Banquet Stubbies

Want to keep your Coors Banquet, Gratis, or any beer of choice perfectly cool? One-up Rip Wheeler with a PM Beverage Cooler for yourself or the fellow Yellowstone fans in your life. PMs come in three colors, and are currently on sale for $17.50.

But why grab one? To put it simply, The PM is the most versatile beverage cooler on the market – bar-none. No matter what you’re drinking, the PM will keep it cool. It holds 16 oz. cans, 12 oz. cans, 12 oz. bottles, 12 oz. slim cans, short cans, and seltzers (no judgment here). It’s the swiss army of koozies: it even has a bottle opener at the bottom to make it an all-in-one sipping experience.

add in price/why/buy

Or, you can snag all of Outsider’s premium drink ware (including the PM) as a bundle, currently half price:

Practical Gift: Yellowstone Dutton Ranch-Ready Cowhide Gloves

Luke (L-Luke Grimes) and John (R-Kevin Costner) take a break from their problems on the Dutton Ranch with a ride on Paramount Network’s hit drama series “Yellowstone.” Episode 7 – “Resurrection Day” premieres on Wednesday, August 7 at 10 p.m., ET/PT on Paramount Network.

Looking to grab an easy gift or stocking stuffer for the hard worker in your life? Cowhide leather gloves instantly say Yellowstone as they’ve been a staple of cowboys for generations. There’s not a job I tackle without them on my own ranch, just as my grandfather and great uncles did before me.

If you know someone who prefers more practical gifts (rather than show-branded merch), this is the way to go. And nothing beats a practical and cheap but long-lasting present.

If none of the above are what you’re looking for, you can also find cowhide gloves at your nearest Tractor Supply or hardware store.

Dutton Ready: Block Logo Trucker Hat (Outsider)

Outsider’s Yellowstone-inspired, 5 Panel back trucker hat will last you a lifetime, and it’s the perfect gift for fans of the show looking to rock that Dutton look without feeling too branded themselves.

The mesh black back, adjustable plastic snapback, and embroidered patch graphic on front make it a classic, sturdy hat that this Outsider wears on the regular, including for our interviews with the Yellowstone cast.

For the Sipper: Yellowstone Whiskey

photo by Outsider

If there’s one whiskey that’s associated with the show, it’s Limestone Branch’s Yellowstone Select. It may be a Kentucky-style bourbon, but this multi-gold-medal-winning sip has definitely cornered the market on Yellowstone whiskey.

LB even has a 7-year batch for the distinguished sippers in your life – or your refined self.

“A delicate fusion of flavors from seventh-generation distillers, this straight bourbon features a handpicked blend of 4- and 7-year-old bourbons, for an exclusive old-fashioned whiskey that honors its deep family origins.”

The Perfect ‘Yellowstone’ Vests & Jackets for Your John Dutton

Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

If there’s one branded clothing item fans love, it’s those snazzy, practical Yellowstone vests worn by the core cast. Specifically, John Dutton makes them look damn good throughout the series. For the JD fan in your life, we definitely recommend a Yellowstone vest straight from the official shop over a cheap imitation:

Or, if you’d prefer non-branded western wear worn in the show, we’ve got you covered there, too. Schaefer is one of the most trusted workwear brands around, and their vests and jackets are featured on screen in the show thanks to the costume department. You can own all your favorite jackets via their Yellowstone collection:

But what’s a cowboy without his hat? To get one for the Dutton in your life, head over to Greeley, the official hatmakers of Yellowstone:

For a ton more John Dutton gift options, check out our full clothing guide here.

The Perfect Pieces for Your Beth Dutton Fan

Kelly Reilly as Beth Dutton in Yellowstone. (Photo courtesy of Paramount Network Press, Media)

Have a Beth Dutton fan in your life? Who doesn’t! While it’s tempting to list out her iconic dresses, those don’t exactly scream Yellowstone. You can find them all here just in case, but for a truly perfect Beth gift, we recommend her iconic Carhartt jacket from the earlier seasons:

  • Price: $119
  • Why we love it: Iconic, practical, and highly functional
  • Buy on Amazon

For more iconic Beth Dutton gifts, be sure to check out our full guide here. But we’ve pulled a few top-picks that are still available and won’t break the bank, just in case:

The Perfect Sunglasses & Jackets for Your Rip Wheeler Fan

Cole Hauser as Rip Wheeler in Yellowstone. (Photo via Paramount Network Press Center)

And then there’s Rip Wheeler. Cole Hauser’s breakout character is responsible for the most iconic look in television today. And there’s no better gift for the Rip fan in your life than a pair of Rip-ready aviator sunglasses:

There’s more to Rip than just his eyewear, however. Looking to grab the perfect jacket for your Yellowstone fan? Here’s what we’d suggest to complete the look:

And again, what’s a cowboy without his hat? To get one for the Rip in your life, head over to Greeley, the official hatmakers of Yellowstone, and be sure to select a deep brown or black:

Be sure to check out our full Rip Wheeler clothing guide for more, too.

Family Fun Pick: ‘Yellowstone’ Monopoly

Yellowstone Monopoly. (Photo credit: Brandon Chesbro, Outsider)

“All’s fair in love and land in this ultimate game for Yellowstone fans!” That’s right, Yellowstone now has its own official MONOPOLY® game set! This new spin on a classic features well-known locations anchored by the Dutton family’s coveted cattle ranch, including Kayce and Monica’s House and the Painted Horse Casino & Hotel.

“Gear up with collectible cowhand-related tokens and post Wranglers and Foremen to secure your grounds to be the last operator standing with custom Yellowstone currency to win!” says OP, the USAopoly company, who currently offers their Y-Branded Monopoly at the best price online:

And yes, Outsider’s played it, and we love it. Everything from the collectible tokens to the cards are top-notch. This is truly the perfect gift to keep the family drama going after Yellowstone episodes end.

Outsider Shop Shirt, As Worn By ‘Yellowstone’s Brecken Merrill

Photo credit: Paramount Press Gallery and via Brecken Merrill

Join the crew. Punch in with an Outsider Shop Shirt as Tate Dutton actor Brecken Merrill did on the set of Yellowstone Season 4. Each shirt is custom-made with a patch bearing your name of choice. Brecken prefers navy, but we’ve got black and forest green to suit your fancy, too:

Please note: Since this is a custom order, please allow 10-14 Days for processing. So be sure to order accordingly!

That’s it for our top picks! For more Yellowstone gift ideas, be sure to check out our full clothing guides here.