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Best Quotes from ‘1923’ Season 1, Episode 6

by Jon D. B.
1923 Season 1 Episode 6
Brandon Sklenar as Spencer and Julia Schlaepfer as Alexandra of the Paramount+ series 1923. Photo Cr: Emerson Miller/Paramount+ © 2022 Viacom International Inc. All Rights Reserved.

1923‘s Season 1, Episode 6 brings more moving quotes, spectacular action, and hard-won romance as the season nears its end. Before we dive into the episode’s best lines, beware of spoilers for the series below.

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As Season 1 moves to join 1923‘s Montana and Africa storylines at electrifying pace, Episode 6 doesn’t include an Elsa Dutton narration. An equally-powerful introduction for the episode comes courtesy of Aminah Nieve’s Teonna Rainwater, however.

1923 Hank and Teonna
Michael Greyeyes as Hank and Aminah Nieves as Teonna of the Paramount+ series 1923. Photo Cr: Christopher Saunders/Paramount+ © 2022 Viacom International Inc. All Rights Reserved.

“That’s what white men do. They like their names so much they call their sons the same. Then the sons give the name to their sons. Before long, their names are numbers. The third. The fourth. They mean nothing.”
– Teonna

An equally powerful quote follows from Hank (Michael Greyeyes) as he reflects on the burning of Teonna’s belongings:

“I don’t think we should burn these. I was in one of their prisons. They would read a verse to us every day. Until they had read us the whole book. I was in that prison a while, long enough to hear the book twice. When their God is angry, he turns cities to salt. Burns them, floods valleys… I’m afraid if we burn his book he might turn us to salt.”
– Hank on the Christian Bible

Best Jacob and Cara Dutton Quotes from ‘1923’ Season 1, Episode 6

1923 Jacob and Cara Dutton
Harrison Ford as Jacob and Helen Mirren as Cara Dutton of the Paramount+ series 1923. Photo Cr: Christopher Saunders/Paramount+ © 2022 Viacom International Inc. All Rights Reserved.

“They’re blasting a mine right above this ranch’s main water supply. They own the property to the north now. And to the south. To squeeze what’s in the middle. And what’s in the middle is us. Justice would be a luxury. My concern is survival.”
– Jacob Dutton

Cara Dutton’s Speech to Jacob:

“Jacob! How dare you give your back to me? After all I’ve given to you? It’s not even justice. It’s more petty than that! It’s vengeance you seek! Nevermind he’ll be arrested in the morning, you’d rather put the bullet in him yourself. Then it’s you in prison, and the ranch is lost all the same!

You think it’s you that’s suffered the most? How would you know? You were asleep half the time, while I bathed you and spoon-fed you like an infant. Wiped your ass like an infant. While I shoveled graves between unanswered prayers. You don’t know what it is to suffer. Emma did. She suffered her way into the hole I dug for her. Elizabeth knows it! Father in the ground, family gone, stuck in this house like a dungeon… Can you fathom the strength it took for that girl to smile again?

If there’s a line forming for vengeance, you are at the back of it. We have abandoned any desire for vengeance, even Jack, for you. I wonder if your pride can withstand the sacrifice of showing us the same courtesy?”

Cara Dutton

Jacob Dutton’s (Later) Reply:

“You saved my life. I know it. I did not need to be told. It’s not vengeance. It’s preservation. You’ve been to New York. You’ve been to Boston. Now close your eyes and imagine those places if the cities weren’t there. Go on, do it…

White sands stretching to forests of hickory and elm taller than the buildings that stand there now. Meadows filled with bison and moose and bear. Millions of salmon swimming up the East River to spawn, so thick you could walk across them. Now think about what’s there now. A thirteen-mile-island of cement, with rivers of sewage runnin’ underneath until they dump it into the bay where salmon don’t dare to swim. That’s what they’ll do to this place. Damn the rivers… Flood the valleys… Cut every tree that stands to build cities. This paradise becomes another concrete desert.

I’m not going to kill ’em for what they done to me or what they done to John or what they’re still doing to you. I’m gonna kill ’em, because the men who build cities always send men like Banner first. I do it for that child; a child I’ll never meet. I do it for the land. I do it for you, so that when you’re laid to rest under the Aspens, no one cuts ’em down and builds a city over you.

I know how much you’ve suffered, and I thank you for it. It’s their turn now. Goddamnit, it’s their turn now.

Zane: Half the cowboys ’round here went to California.
Jacob: The quitters went to California. The tough ones are still here.

Sheriff: Where are the bodies of the Creighton men!?
Jacob: Rotting. On the Wyoming border.

Best Spencer and Alexandra Dutton Quotes from ‘1923’ Season 1, Episode 6

Brandon Sklenar as Spencer and Julia Schlaepfer as Alexandra of the Paramount+ series 1923. Photo Cr: Emerson Miller/Paramount+ © 2022 Viacom International Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Spencer: I learn from my mistakes. But I still make plenty, like our current situation.
Alex: Are you saying this was likely your last tugboat ride?
Spencer: No matter how this shakes out, this was last tugboat ride.

“I refuse to be scared. Refuse it! I will not feel sorry for myself. If death is our fate, I will draw my last breath and kiss you with it, I swear to God.”
– Alexandra

Spencer: Marry us.
Captain: Marriage to gain citizenship is illegal, sir.
Spencer: It’s a benefit. But it’s not why I’m doing it.
Captain: No, no I wouldn’t think so. I’d be honored.

“The ocean almost took us. Now it gives us rings. I think I’ll keep mine.”
– Spencer

“There’s no plumbing! Fascinating the things men fail to tell when they’re trying to bed you.”
– Alexandra

“I’ll tell you a dream. In my heart, I know it was wrong to take you. Everything that happened up til now was a sign. A warning. Elephant. The lions, the shipwreck… it was all the universe telling me to put you back. I’m just too f*cking selfish to do it. My dream… My dream is that the universe was wrong, and you’re mine to keep.”
– Spencer

“There is no putting me back. We are one now. When the sun hits your face, I am your shadow. When it finds my back, you are mine. I go where you go. Even if it’s the death of me.”
– Alexandra

Other Best Quotes from ‘1923’ Episode 6

“You sure got a lot done for a dead man.”
– Sheriff McDowell

“You can’t get more pregnant!”
– Jack Dutton

1923 returns next Sunday, Feb. 19 for Season 1, Episode 7 exclusively on Paramount Plus.