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Best Quotes From ‘Yellowstone’ Season 5, Episode 6

by Jon D. B.
Brecken Merrill as Tate Dutton, Luke Grimes as Kayce Dutton in Yellowstone Season 5, Episode 6. (Photo credit: Paramount Network Press)

Yellowstone Season 5, Episode 6 brings more timeless quotes and perfect one-liners as part of “Cigarettes, Whiskey, a Meadow and You.”

Want more sage wisdom from John Dutton and biting quips from Beth Dutton? We’ve got plenty of both from Season 5, Episode 6, alongside Rip Wheeler proving he’s the perfect husband, Jamie’s descent into madness, and more. Let’s go to work!

John Dutton‘s Best Quotes from ‘Yellowstone’ Season 5, Episode 6

(Kevin Costner as John Dutton/Paramount Network Press)

John: You could sell it, son. You could bottle it up and sell it.
Kayce: I don’t think there’s anyone to sell it to, dad. Anyone who knows what it’s worth is already doing it.

“I’ve come to believe perfection only lives in little moments. Can’t be sustained over hours, just instances; little wisps of time, and then the world becomes imperfect again. This day damn-near proved me wrong.”

“My dad used to say ‘If you can’t sleep through a man’s snoring, you ain’t tired enough.”

“Well, Emmett, I couldn’t have dreamed up a better death if you payed me. You sure earned it, old friend.”

“Life ends, that’s part of it. His ended good. I refuse to be sad about it, you should, too.”

“He didn’t wake up. He just died on the trail. Like every cowboy dreams of.”

“…Like a cowboy should. Head against his saddle, staring at the stars.”
– John on Emmett Walsh

“She said it would embarrass him to no end if Emmett’s death cast a shadow over this branding. She’s just as cowboy as he was.”
– John on Mrs. Walsh

John: You know, just once I’d like to have a simple relationship with a woman.
Summer: Find a simple woman. Or stop sending seventy mixed signals.
John: I’m gonna go dance with the senator.

“I can herd a thousand cattle five miles over mountains and can’t wrangle one woman to the dancefloor?”

Best Beth Dutton Quotes of Season 5, Episode 6

Kelly Reilly as Beth Dutton, Cole Hauser as Rip Wheeler in Yellowstone Season 5, Episode 6. (Photo Credit: Paramount Network Press)

“It’s a woman’s job to give a man perspective, baby.”

“I do not find this beautiful, personally. Too big. Too much space to be beautiful, to comprehend it. Now give me a meadow, a little lake, little stream, and no one know about it but me, and I have it all to myself? That I understand.”

“I don’t like to share the things I find beautiful.”

“I kind of rushed the wedding, didn’t I? In my defense, I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life in prison. Kinda had to put the pedal to the metal.”

“You know I’m blowing you anyway, right? You don’t have to work so f*cking hard.”

“I could do this. I could live here and never see another person in my entire life except you.”

“You are perfect, motherf*cker.”

“I don’t need anything else. Cigarettes, whiskey, a meadow and you.”

“F*ck your sunset. You look at me. Sunsets are overrated anyway.”
– Beth to Rip

Beth: You’re so sensitive, baby.
Rip: Say what?
Beth: Sensitive. You are. I’m the only one that knows about it. God, I love that that’s the thing that insults you.

Best Rip Wheeler Quotes of ‘Yellowstone’ Season 5, Episode 6

Cole Hauser as Rip Wheeler in Yellowstone Season 5. (Photo credit: Paramount Network Press)

“Honey, you got a mean streak as big as this damn valley.”

Beth: I don’t like to share the things I find beautiful. Know what I mean?
Rip: Every time I look at you, I know exactly what you mean.

“This more your kind of beautiful? I found it a year ago, when you said you wanted to be married in a place with no memories ’til we made them.”
– Rip on his original spot to Marry Beth

Beth: I can’t believe you’re not smiling.
Rip: I’m smiling on the inside.

“Motherf*cker can sing, can’t he? Sure won’t sing like that for me.”
– Rip on Walker

Best Monica Dutton Quotes of Season 5, Episode 6

Kelsey Asbille as Monica Dutton in Yellowstone Season 5, Episode 6. (Photo credit: Paramount Network Press)

Monica: You’re not from around here.
Summer: Why do you say that?
Monica: If you were from around here, you would’ve asked if you could help.

“Beth is not first on my list to fight.”

“I really overturned the applecart when it comes to this family. I’m sure John Dutton had some little blonde daughter of a landowner all picked out. Then I married the ranch’s heir, and now the heir doesn’t want the ranch anymore. One could argue Beth should hate me. But she has defended me over and over, because she knows I love her brother, and I’m not threat to this place.”

“Every summer there’s fires and every winter there’s blizzards. One cleanses the forest and one protects it, then feeds its rivers in the spring, which feeds the valleys. But those two same things happen in the city and they’re devastating. Because cities are the opposite of nature. They defy it, which is why they always crumble. These mountains have been around for 80 million years, and they’ll be for millions more. Name a city that’ll stand that long.”

“When I say we give everything to this land, I do mean everything.”
– Monica to Summer

Best Jamie Dutton Quotes from Season 5, Episode 6

Wes Bentley as Jamie Dutton in Yellowstone. (Photo credit: Paramount Network Press)

“Look, I got a pretty good beat on my appeal as a man, and it doesn’t add up to you.”
– Jamie to Sarah

“I swear that man could fall in a pile of cow shit and come up smelling like a rose.” 

“I admit, he’s hard to beat in a fair fight.”
– Jamie on John

Other Best Quotes from ‘Yellowstone’ Season 5, Episode 6

Gil Birmingham as Thomas Rainwater, Moses Brings Plenty as Mo. Yellowstone Season 5, Episode 6. (Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center)

“If we’re not careful, John, people are gonna think we know what we’re doing.”
– Emmett Walsh

“Obama visited Standing Rock two years before he tried to run a pipeline through it. Presidents don’t see us, even when we’re standing in front of them.”
– Thomas Rainwater

“My absence would say more than their insults.”
– Thomas Rainwater

“Governor of Montana, sleeping on the side of a mountain with his boots on. This world may have a chance yet.”
– Emmett Walsh

Lynelle: Who’s that? The blonde.
John: That’s my environmental advisor.
Lynelle: The one you pardoned from prison?
John: I didn’t pardon her, I just commuted her sentence to house arrest.
Lynelle: And that would be your house, right?

“John, there’s politically incorrect, and then there’s politically illiterate. And you are the latter. And somehow just immune to the consequences.”
– Lynelle Perry

“Eating potatoes was the plan until Gator put a brick of butter and a coffee can of bacon grease on ’em.”
– Summer Higgins

“I wish there were two of you, John. ‘Cause I would actually marry the one that’s less charming and more sensible.”
– Lynelle Perry

Abby: This don’t even have a little bit of a future?
Ryan: Probably not.
Abby: So, it just goes until it doesn’t?
Ryan: That’s fair enough.

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