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Beth Dutton and Summer Higgins Beat the S*** Out of Each Other, ‘Yellowstone’ Fans Go Nuts

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Paramount Network Press)

Beth and Summer just duked it out on the Yellowstone Lodge lawn while everyone inside sat around the dinner table on tonight’s “Yellowstone” episode, and fans are absolutely losing it. The scene began with Summer basically insulting the Duttons’ way of life while taking up a seat at their table. Beth takes her outside to “have a talk,” which Summer knows has to be code for something else.

And she’s incredibly right. Beth and Summer get into an epic fistfight, completely wailing on each other as the rest of te Dutton family eats peacefully inside. Fans who are watching the episode immediately took to social media to share their thoughts and reactions.

“I did not know I needed this fight to happen. Hell yea!!!” wrote one fan accompanied by a photo of Summer and Beth mid-fight. “Everybody’s eating dinner while Beth and Summer are fighting like crazy they’ll be cool at the end,” wrote another fan, referencing the fact that everyone was just continuing with dinner like nothing was happening. “It was pretty interesting that the Dutton family minding their own business has to eat dinner while Beth and Summer beating the crap out of each other and Rip watching along to make sure it ends,” they continued.

“Cat fight oh wow,” wrote another “Yellowstone” fan, while other people were firmly in Beth’s corner. “Beat her ass Beth!!!” one fan wrote, continuing by tweeting, “Beth is the MF’s goat! They’re about to be besties now.”

Beth and Summer Duke it Out On the Lawn On an All-New ‘Yellowstone’ Episode

No fight would be complete without Rip presiding and giving the two dueling women what for. He won’t sit idly by like the rest of them and let his wife beat someone up in the yard. Rip goes out on the porch and calls to them, “Do you know how stupid you both look?” He then addresses Beth, bringing up Carter, saying, “This is the kind of manners you want to teach that boy?”

“And you,” Rip says, turning on Summer, “I don’t know you, but I do know this: You’re never going to convince someone to think the way that you do by insulting them in their own house. You don’t like the food? Then don’t f*cking eat it. I don’t think I need to tell you about all the people that are starving around this planet tonight. So shut the f*ck up. Or leave.”

When Summer admits that she can’t leave, Rip then squares them up for some familiar cowboy justice. They then proceed to punch each other in the face until one of them taps out. That happens to be Summer. Beth helps her up, but not without telling her to respect her in her own home.

When Beth later spits a tooth out onto her place, Summer laughs, and an olive branch begins to extend from one woman to the other.