Billy Bob Thornton’s Children: Meet the Newly-Added ‘1883’ Actor’s Four Kids

by Jonathan Howard

So, the exciting news is out. With the upcoming Yellowstone prequel/spinoff series 1883 set to feature Billy Bob Thornton, fans are buzzing. The veteran actor has starred in so many great movies and shows over the years. Now, with him joining the Taylor Sheridan western drama, fans will get to see him take on a new role.

However, for those that don’t know Thornton too well off-screen, there isn’t a ton to know. The actor has quite a blended family and has been married multiple times. Throughout his marriages, dating back to 1978, he has had a total of 5 children. Probably the most notable marriage, besides his current one with Connie Angland, has to be Angelina Jolie. The two were together from 2000 to 2003 officially.

By the time that marriage happened at the turn of the millennium, Billy Bob Thornton already had three children from his previous marriages.

His first daughter, Amanda was with his first wife, Melissa Lee Gatlin. The two were married from 1978-1980. It would be a while before he wed again, marrying Toni Lawrence in 1986. That relationship ended two years later without any children. After Lawrence, his marriage with Cynda Williams was also short-lived and childless.

Then in 1993, Thornton married model Pietra Dawn Cherniak. Over the course of their marriage, they had two sons. Harry James and William. But, like the previous relationships, this wasn’t meant to be. The two separated in 1997.

Back to that marriage to Angelina Jolie. The two starred together in Pushing Tin and became infamous for public displays of affection. Jolie adopted a Cambodian child during the time, and it was reported to be their child. However, she officially adopted the baby as a single parent with no direct connection to Billy Bob Thornton.

Billy Bob Thornton Marries Connie Angland

So, after years of less than stellar relationships, Billy Bob Thornton found himself involved with a makeup effects worker. Her name is Connie Angland and the two have been together since 2002.

While there was a time in his life that Thornton vowed not to marry again, that didn’t last forever. After 11 years together, the actor changed his mind. The two got married in October of 2014 and have been together since.

Together, they live in Los Angeles, California. They have one child together, a daughter named Bella. She is a teenager but has largely stayed out of the public. Thornton seems to have gotten his love life under control. There were years when tabloid papers and magazines picked on Thornton for his past transgressions, whether real or not. However, it is great to see him still in a long-term relationship and marriage.