Cody Johnson’s ‘Dear Rodeo’ Was the Perfect Choice for This ‘Yellowstone’ Scene

by Hannah Heser
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Stagecoach)

Cody Johnson’s “Dear Rodeo” was featured in episode 9 of Yellowstone‘s season 4. This is the third single off his 15-track studio album, “Ain’t Nothin’ To It.” It is also his first single with a major record label, Warner Music Nashville. Since joining one of the top record labels in Nashville, Tennessee, Johnson has become a huge name in country music. And hearing your song on a popular television series like Yellowstone helps an artist continue getting the recognition they deserve.

“Dear Rodeo” became a big hit, especially with the help of Reba McEntire. This success helped the Yellowstone producers discover this song, which ended up being perfect for this particular scene. McEntire joined him on the duet version. Since the duet became a hit, they made a music video to go with it, which you can check out below.

Cody Johnson and Reba McEntire’s ‘Dear Rodeo’ Success

In this music video, you will see different clips of rodeos that Johnson looks back on. It may seem like a long introduction, but it tells the story well.

Johnson was a rodeo star once upon a time. But after discovering his musical talent, he left the rodeo life to focus on writing and singing. However, he can still attend these events and create songs for them.

In the clip, McEntire said what the song means to her. “It’s kinda like the rodeo released me,” she said. “It said ‘come on, you go do what you’re supposed to be doing over here.'”

Then, it transitions over to Johnson’s view of the song. “The minute that I went to my first high school rodeo here in this arena, I fell in love with the whole show. I just want to be apart of it someway somehow,” Johnson said. “Looking back on it now, I think the bull was just a representation of something I was looking for. And I didn’t know that it was going to lead to the things I’ve done now.”

Meanwhile, Yellowstone posted a Twitter update on December 26. It said, “More #YellowstoneTV music: “Dear Rodeo” by Cody Johnson.”

Fans flooded the replies with excitement.

One fan wrote, “Perfect song at perfect time!” And another said she is excited to hear the songs she wrote for Yellowstone one day.

Recap of Johnson’s Interview With Outsider on ‘Yellowstone’

Last month, Outsider sat down with Johnson himself to ask a few questions regarding the show. They mentioned him appearing on 1883 with Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. So, beyond his music, we just might see CoJo himself appear on 1883 or Yellowstone.

Overall, this acting gig would be perfect for him.