Cole Hauser Is the Captain Now: ‘Yellowstone’ Star Shows Off New Boat

by Thad Mitchell

Cole Hauser, star of the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone,” has a new boat and he is showing it off on his most recent social media post.

“Yellowstone” fans know Cole Hauser as Rip Wheeler, the ruthless leader of the bunkhouse and enforcer for the Dutton family. His role on “Yellowstone” has turned him into a household name and rising Hollywood star. He’s parlayed that success into other opportunities and Cole Hauser is a name you’ll be hearing a lot more in the future. Away from the “Yellowstone” set, Hauser is a pretty regular guy with the same interests that many of us have. He loves spending time with his young family, often using social media to share the fam’s latest adventures. He and his wife, Cynthia, have two teenage boys and a younger daughter. On Hauser’s social media pages, you can find photos of the lovely family doing all sorts of things like camping, hiking and fishing.

You can expect the Hauser family to do a lot more fishing in the future. The “Yellowstone” star has a brand new boat and he is sharing a few photos of his new ride with his fans. In the social media post, the actor says his new boat just arrived a short time ago. You can almost feel his excitement in the photos he shares and he looks ready to get out on the water.

“My new baby has arrived,” Hauser proudly proclaims in the social media post. “Thanks Team Scout Boats for the beauty and Huk Gear for the fishing gear!”

Several “Yellowstone” fans were quick to congratulate Cole Hauser on the new boat.

‘Yellowstone’ Season Four Show Us Another Side of Rip Wheeler

Yes, we have seen the Rip that we all know and love through the first six episodes of season four. The skull-cracking, no time for nonsense Rip Wheeler has been prominent so far this season. But we have also seen a more nurturing side of big Rip.

He’s been extremely supportive of his future wife, Beth Dutton, through the season. Dare we say his actions towards Beth this season have been “tender?”

He has certainly been her rock as she recovers from the attempt on her life. We see in a previous episode that she is heavily scared on parts of her body. It’s been Rip who has been there to help her recover.

Of course, we’ve also seen Rip beat the crap out of his supposed best friend, Lloyd, on more than one occasion this season, It might be a stretch to call him “sensitive” at this point and he may bust my head for even suggesting it.

We’ll see what Rip is up to next with tonight’s brand new episode,