Cole Hauser Explains Why It’s ‘Been An Honor’ Working With Kevin Costner

by Halle Ames

We all know Rip Wheeler and John Dutton’s loyal relationship on the screen of ‘Yellowstone,’ but how does Cole Hauser feel about co-star Kevin Costner in real life?

We have seen ranch hand Rip Wheeler and ranch owner and patriarch John Dutton’s relationship grow for the last three seasons of the hit show ‘Yellowstone‘. So much so that Rip is looking to enter the family, depending on if Beth survives the bomb that exploded in her office.

From the day that John took in the abused teenage boy, Rip has loved John and seen him as his only family. John sees Rip as the loyal, hardworking enforcer that he wishes his sons would act more like. Although, since he doesn’t carry the Dutton name, he is always on the outside.

Cole Hauser and Kevin Costner Relationship

The two are undoubtedly close, and off-screen, Hauser still looks up to Costner the same way Rip does to John.

“I mean, we’re great friends. We’ve worked together now four years, and I love him,” says 45-year-old Hauser to Fox News. “He’s a wonderful person – more importantly – a person than an actor. I just enjoy being around him and enjoying each other’s company. So he’s been somebody I’ve always looked up to creatively. And that’s been an honor working with him.”

Kevin Costner likes to joke with Hauser, and now Hauser’s mention in Peoples Magazine’s 2020 Sexiest Man Alive just adds fuel to Costner’s fire.

“It’s funny you say that because I just looked on his social media, this is just a little while ago, and it goes, ‘Cole Hauser, Sexiest Man Alive – and then he goes, ‘You son of a b**ch,'” Hauser laughs while telling Fox News.

Next season we can’t wait to see who the rugged cowboy has to get rid of next and pray for a white wedding between our favorite messed up couple, Beth and Rip.