Cole Hauser Shares Awesome Preview of Himself on Motorcycle for Upcoming Film ‘Panama’

by Jennifer Shea

“Yellowstone” star Cole Hauser is offering fans a preview of his upcoming film “Panama” with a cool new Instagram post.

Cole Hauser Gives a Sneak Peak

“Sneak peek on my new film Panama,” the actor posted to Instagram on Thursday. “Directed and shot by the talented Mark Neveldine.”

The movie is reportedly an action thriller that also stars Mel Gibson. Hauser plays a decorated former marine who goes undercover to carry out a high-value arms deal with treacherous foes, according to Variety. In the process, he gets drawn into the U.S. invasion of Panama. The film was shot in Puerto Rico.

Neveldine co-directed the action movies “Crank” and “Crank: High Voltage,” as well as “Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance,” per the Hollywood Reporter. He also directed on his own “The Vatican Tapes,” a supernatural thriller.

‘Panama’ Character Is No Rip Wheeler

 “Yellowstone” fans who are looking for their Rip Wheeler fix may not find it in “Panama.” What they will find is a compelling story based on real life events.

“I’m doing another movie right now called Panama, and it’s totally different than Rip,” Hauser told Hollywood Life in December. “I mean, I never want to play the guy twice. I mean, I play him enough — five months out of the year. I’m always looking for different challenges and different characters that excite me. Rip is his own entity, and I love playing him. He’s a fabulous character, but I’m interested in branching out and seeing different sides of myself.”

As for “Yellowstone” and Rip, it’s an open question whether his engagement to Beth (Kelly Reilly) will work out.

In a recent Esquire interview, Reilly sounded somewhat less optimistic than Hauser has about Beth and Rip’s future together.

“At the beginning of Season 3, there is a sort of quiet, healing vibe going on,” Reilly said. “Beth and Rip are living in the new house that they’ve been given, that John Dutton gave to Rip. Beth has moved in and there’s a little bit of domestic quiet, gentleness that’s sort of creeping in which we’ve never seen Beth inhabit. I found those scenes really interesting to play. Whether it lasts or not, it wouldn’t be a drama if it was constant. I don’t think we’re at the happy ending stage yet.”

What about Hauser’s own happy ending? After he’s done shooting “Panama,” he gets to go home to his wife and three kids.

At least until it’s time to start shooting Season 5 of “Yellowstone.”