Cole Hauser Shares Photo ‘Fishing the Keys’ in Yellowstone Gear

by Jon D. B.

How does Yellowstone star Cole Hauser take a vacation in-between seasons as Rip Wheeler? By “fishing the Keys” in a Yellowstone hoodie, of course.

Ever wondered if the actors behind our favorite Yellowstone characters love the show as much as we do? The answer seems to be a resounding yes across the board. In the particular case of Cole Hauser, however, the answer is as crystal clear as the water of the Florida Keys.

“Fishing the Keys,” Hauser captions his latest Instagram post. Within, we see the action star – made a household name by inhabiting black-hat-cowboy Rip Wheeler on television’s #1 cable series – reeling in what we can only assume is a whopper off the coast of the Florida Keys. Hauser continues to say the trip is part of “vacation” – and he looks to be doing an excellent job at taking time off from acting.

Moreover, he’s sporting a particularly excellent Yellowstone hoodie. Featuring graphics not sold on commercial merchandise for the show, the hoodie looks to be from production during Season 4’s Montana filming. Exclusive-to-filming clothing items like this, such as hats, jackets, and hoodies, are traditionally given to cast & crew during their tenure on a project to commemorate their time on set.

Wait – Where’s the Black Beard & Hair, Cole Hauser?

Eagle-eyed fans are a bit worried by this photo, however. Noting his clean-shaven head and face, Instagram user justinfouty23 says “Haircut and shaved beard, that makes me nervous…” If Hauser is no longer sporting Rip’s signature black features… Could the fan-favorite character be done for after Season 4? Are we looking at confirmation of the demise of Yellowstone‘s Rip Wheeler?

Not likely. While most folks know Hauser as Rip Wheeler only, the actor actually has an extensive, lengthy acting career under his belt. Moreover, he is typically featured in films and television with his face shaven and his hair its natural blonde color. In fact, the last project he wrapped wasn’t Yellowstone, but his upcoming action thriller: Panama.

The project, from director Mark Neveldine, has Hauser headlining as an ex-marine. One would expect a clean-shaven look for a military man, so here’s to hoping this is where Hauser’s current look originates.

And if you’re not yet excited for Panama as a Cole Hauser fan – you should be. Mel Gibson will play a supporting role for the Yellowstone star. If that’s not a feather in Rip’s cap, we don’t know what is.

Is Hauser Vacationing from YELLOWSTONE – or PANAMA?

According to our previous report on the film, Panama was set to begin filming this month (December 2020) in Puerto Rico. As such, is Hauser simply taking a clean-shaven vacation in the Florida Keys – not far Northwest of Puerto Rico?

Either way, Panama is set to stun Rip Wheeler fans with a script by Daniel Adams and William R. Barber. Why? Within – Cole Hauser becomes a “rugged and decorated ex-marine who is sent undercover by his former commander (Mel Gibson).” Together, they execute a high-stakes deal with untrustworthy adversaries.

Count. Us. In. For more on Panama and its reuniting of action stars Cole Hauser and Mel Gibson, check out our previous coverage on the film.

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