Country Legend Tanya Tucker Tributes Buster Welch, Late ‘Yellowstone’ Star and Cowboy Icon

by Jonathan Howard

Country music legend Tanya Tucker is among the many mourning the death of cowboy icon, Buster Welch. The late cutting horse trainer and Yellowstone star passed at the age of 94 years old. There are those figures that sit behind the scenes and do what they do and their work goes on to impact so much more than they realized or planned. Welch is one of those figures.

Tucker is a Texas legend in her own right, along with Buster Welch. As an avid rider and proud Texan, Tucker knows what this loss means for the cutting community and more. Cowboys don’t just grow on trees, and Welch was one of the last of a lost breed.

Here is Tanya Tucker’s tribute below.

“The king of the cutting horse cowboys Buster Welch with Craig and me at his house in Abilene last year!!” Tucker captioned her photo and videos. “I’m so thankful for the hours and precious minutes I got to hang out with one of the very best that ever drove a cow outta the herd or sat in a cutting horse saddle and was the big boss at the King Ranch for years!! I thank the man upstairs for gently taking you home.

“And I’m sure you’re getting the Grand tour of Heaven right about now! Or settling the herd… my heart goes to all of Busters family!! Another hero gone. But the memories remain. Always!! The sunset you rode off on… is all yours now!! And plenty of green grass! Adios my cowboy Buster! No more fences and no more gates to open… ride on.”

Tanya Tucker is one of the many people touched and inspired by the cowboy. Welch spent his life training horses.

Tanya Tucker Joins in Mourning Buster Welch

Much like Welch, Tanya Tucker began her career as a teenager. It wasn’t on a stage where Welch began, but in horse pens. He was just 13 when he began work breaking horses on a ranch. From there, he learned and became a great ride. By the time he was 18, he was competing professionally in horse cutting competitions.

Cutting is the act of separating and herding cattle on horseback. A judge or multiple judges will usually serve on a panel to determine who is the best. In his career, Buster won four world championships. Not to mention all of his other accolades, and the generations of riders that he taught throughout his life.

Among others, Tanya Tucker joins Nicole Sheridan in mourning the late cowboy. When a Texas legend passes on, the state takes notice. All those folks in the Lone Star state will be thinking of Welch the next time they see a herd of cattle or a cowboy riding on his horse.