Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Visits Set of ‘Yellowstone’ Spin-Off ‘1883’

by Thad Mitchell

Since its first season back in 2018, the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” has built a huge fan base of watchers.

“Yellowstone” has a big fan in Dallas Cowboys’ backup quarterback Will Grier. The quarterback’s love of the show is an example of Yellowstone’s immense popularity and ability to attract a wide-ranging following. Grier is such a huge fan of the show that he made his way to Fort Worth, Texas recently to check out the “1883” set at work. “1883” is the first of what could be a few “Yellowstone” spinoffs. The prequel will take us to the titular year and tell the story of how the Dutton family came to settle in Montana. It may also share with us how the Dutton Ranch became a powerhouse in the cattle ranching business.

On his Instagram page, the Dallas Cowboy quarterback shared a photo of the “1883” set with his fans and social media followers. In the social media post, Grier says he enjoyed his trip to the set and gives the prequel a plug.

“On set with my boy,” he says in the caption. “Check out ‘1883’ on December 19.”

Grier and his Dallas Cowboys teammates will take on the Las Vegas Raiders in what should be an exciting matchup. The game will be played on Thanksgiving Day, which will be here tomorrow (Thursday). The Cowboys, along with Detroit Lions, are traditional Thanksgiving Day hosts. The Lions will take on the Chicago Bears tomorrow.

‘Yellowstone’ Continues Building its Massive Fan Base

Will Grier is far from the only celebrity athlete who enjoys watching “Yellowstone”

With its mass appeal, “Yellowstone” attracts fans from all walks of life. The show has a little something for practically everyone, which is why it has established a cult-like following. “Yellowstone” hangs its cowboy hat on the ability to provide an accurate picture of the modern-day cattle ranch industry. Ask any number of “Yellowstone” what their favorite aspect of the show is and you will likely get several different answers.

Some “Yellowstone” fans watch the show for the bountiful suspense it provides to its viewers. Others like the taste of the western cowboy culture, which the show has in droves. There is no right or wrong reason for enjoying “Yellowstone.”

That much is evident in the number of people that watch the modern western drama. The season four premiere drew an insane 8 million viewers, smashing previous cable television viewership records.

We’ll get our next dose of “Yellowstone” goodness this Sunday. With no game this weekend, Will Grier might be among the millions of viewers tuning in.

“Yellowstone” fans, us here at Outsider included, Can’t wait to see what the show’s writers have cooked up for this week.