Did One ‘Yellowstone’ Character’s Brand Disappear in Season 4 Opener?

by John Jamison

Remember the Wade Morrow situation in Season 3, Yellowstone fans? Roarke Morris’ hired hand met his fate at the end of a rope after trampling Colby and Teeter to a pulp. But his execution also sealed the fate of most of the bunkhouse, earning the hands their brands. Some eagle-eyed fans thought they spotted a continuity error during the Season 4 premiere. Did Teeter’s brand disappear?

The only way out of the Yellowstone for nearly everyone in the bunkhouse these days is a long, quiet trip to the train station. The hands simply know too much and are beyond redemption. They are Dutton property now.

At the end of Season 3, we caught a glimpse of what seemed like the entire bunkhouse tending to their freshly branded wounds. The barrel racers were understandably discomforted by the sight of what essentially amounts to a newly minted Dutton army. Two of those new soldiers were Colby and Teeter. And one Yellowstone-loving Redditor named Jaybirdy81 thought he saw the Jen Landon character sans brand in the early moments of Season 4.

“What happened to Teeter’s brand? We saw it at the end of S3…then it was non-existent during the first 2 episodes of S4. Hmmm?” he wrote.

“Hmmm,” indeed. Based on all of the detail that goes into the makeup, it’s hard to believe the show would overlook something significant as a ranch hand’s brand. Look no further than the continuous healing process Beth Dutton goes through during the show. She always seems to be sporting cuts, bruises, and scars that gradually heal from episode to episode.

But another Yellowstone fan says they caught a glimpse of Teeter’s brand.

“I saw the brand when her shirt was off,” replied taker 2523. “When rip walks into the bunkhouse with carter. It’s really quick.”

The ‘Yellowstone’ Bunkhouse Cast Weighs in on Whether They’d Like to Wear the Brand or Not

Aspirational as the brand seems to be on Yellowstone, the reality is that it effectively turns cowboys into cattle. Of course, the Yellowstone and the Duttons are causes worth the commitment for many of them. But at the end of the day, getting branded takes away any hope of living the life of a cowboy drifter (e.g., Walker).

In Episode 21 of Stories From the Bunkhouse, some of the cast members spoke on whether or not they’d wear the brand if they had a choice.

“You’ve asked an incredibly difficult question. You’ve asked a question that Jimmy himself is wrestling with. Over the course of Seasons 3 and 4, he’s sort of weighing these two things. ‘Cause the commitment to the Bunkhouse is starting to feel a little heavy,” said Jimmy actor Jefferson White.

“I’d like to be more like an independent contractor,” added Colby actor Denim Richards.

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