Did These ‘Yellowstone’ Characters Leave the Show Too Soon?

by Leanne Stahulak
Photo credit: Courtesy of Paramount.

We all have our favorite “Yellowstone” characters to root for. But what about the ones we never really got a chance to know?

One Reddit user posed a question to fans in the “Yellowstone” subreddit. They asked which characters fans thought left the show too soon. This Reddit user specifically felt jipped by Avery and Lee’s storylines.

“I’ve always kinda felt this way, but watching the 1st episode again really made me wish they wouldn’t have killed Lee off so fast. I think that could have been an opportunity to add another interesting dynamic to the Dutton family history,” the original Reddit poster wrote.

“I also wondered what happened to the stripper that became a ranch hand. She just bounced no real explanation nothing,” they added. “I feel like they could have developed her character a little more, or at least given a legit reason she left.”

In the comments, one fan mentioned how Avery, the stripper-turned-ranch hand, got written out of the story because the actress got offered a new role. Taaya Beatty played Avery for five episodes in Seasons 1 and 2. But a fan commented that she reportedly was offered a role in a Disney production.

“She didn’t want to ‘tarnish’ her image any further by stripping or becoming involved in sex scenes in Yellowstone, perhaps jeopardizing a future with Disney,” the fan commented. The show wrote off Avery by saying that “she’s a drifter,” so she drifted off.

No other fans commented on Lee’s death, but it’s a valid point. Lee represents a lot of what John Dutton expected of his younger sons, Jamie and Kayce. If we’d been able to get to know Lee’s character better, we might’ve understood what he had that the others lacked, and vice versa.

Here Are the Villains We Wished We’d Seen More of on ‘Yellowstone’

The Duttons collected a long list of enemies over the course of three “Yellowstone” seasons. But fans feel like a few of them got killed off too fast.

For one, we have the Beck Brothers. Introduced in Season 2, they make life absolutely miserable for the Duttons. By the end, they send hitmen to rape and torture Beth, and they kidnap Tate. But both brothers (supposedly) die by the end of the Season 2 finale. Perhaps their deaths would’ve felt more justified if we got more of a taste or tease of them in Season 1. If their story arcs had built up to this boiling point in Season 2, then it would’ve felt right.

And then there’s Dan Jenkins. The Beck brothers’ hitmen killed Jenkins during Season 2 as well. Jenkins had just started to ally with John and the Duttons, but we never get a chance to see that frenemy-ship develop. It’d be nice to have an old enemy to look forward to in the upcoming “Yellowstone” Season 4. But we’ll make do with what we got.