Did This ‘Yellowstone’ Fan Perfectly Predict How Beth Dutton Is Going to Meet Season 4’s Major New Character?

by Jon D. B.

It’s “entirely speculation,” of course, but did this creative Yellowstone fan just lay the roadmap for Beth Dutton’s introduction to “motherhood”?

Firstly, and rightly so, we’ll pass along this fan’s warning that if you’re not looking for any light Yellowstone Season 4 spoilers it’s best to turn back now.

That being said, Redditor iheartsev absolutely has a handle on the tone of our favorite show.

In his Tuesday conversation starter, the Yellowstone passionate presents fellow fans with an intriguing and fully-plausible path for Beth Dutton’s (Kelly Reilly) introduction to young Carter (Finn Little) in Season 4. Here’s the gist:

“We know that in Season 4, Beth is going to become attached to an abused boy named Carter,” iheartsev begins. “I’ve been wondering how that first meeting may come about and from there, how a relationship begins to develop between them. IMO, this has to involve circumstances where just Beth and Carter have time and space to interact, apart from the rest of the family or Rip or anyone else.”

Off to a solid start, Redditor. From this, iheartsev offers up his “guess, based on absolutely nothing.”

When Beth Met Carter

“I’ll guess that while Beth is recovering in the hospital, and perhaps finally able to get up and walk around or be wheeled around in a chair like Monica was after her head injury, she sees or hears a big commotion going on and witnesses a badly-beaten teenage boy who has been brought into the hospital against his will. He’s raging, fighting, throwing stuff, threatening everybody who’s trying to help him. Beth is able to step in–she understands his rage (finally, Beth meets someone who’s even more angry and aggressive than she is!) . As they’re both recovering, they begin to seek each other out maybe in their wheelchairs in the corridors… Maybe in physical therapy. The relationship begins to grow, bit by bit. Then, the boy finally opens up and tells her his awful story, whatever that may be.”


This theoretical meeting for Beth and Carter feels a solid fit for where Yellowstone Season 4 is headed. The only Dutton Daughter has to end up in the hospital after that explosive Season 3 finale, as we all know.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Dig New Beth/Carter Theory

Other Yellowstone Redditors are all in for this theory, too.

“Oooh – nice. I like this – definitely can see it,” replies u/AmericanWanderlust.

Yet it is u/ItsTimeJudy that asks “How does it end up?”

“My guess is that the boy’s future when he’s released from the hospital is going to be something pretty awful. Perhaps his parents are now dead, perhaps he escaped from an abusive foster care situation, whatever,” iheartsev replies. “He is dreading whatever future is now ahead for him. Beth tells him he can come and live at the ranch… But that he will have to work for his keep. So, he ends up living at the ranch, probably in the bunk house.”

Interesting, indeed. We do see Carter smoking a cigarette in one of the latest promos for Yellowstone Season 4, too. And something tells this Outsider that it came directly from Beth after their bonding.

We’ll find out a whole lot more come November. The two-episode Yellowstone Season 4 premieres Sunday the 7th, only on Paramount Network/Paramount+.