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Did ‘Yellowstone’ Fans Just Figure Out Who Rip Is Taking to Train Station First Next Season?

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

The excitement level among fans continues to grow as we draw closer and closer to the return of the hit series “Yellowstone.”

A new season of “Yellowstone” means there will also be some fresh faces joining the already outstanding cast. Actors like Finn Little and Piper Perabo will be playing key parts in the upcoming fourth season. Fans are also excited to see what their new characters bring to the Dutton Ranch and the impact they will have on the show.

Another new face joining the “Yellowstone” cast is veteran actress Jacki Weaver, who will be playing Caroline Warner. Weaver’s character is the CEO of Market Equities, the firm that is attempting to claim “Yellowstone” Ranch as their own. After offering a very large sum of money ($500 million) for the ranch, John Dutton makes clear that the ranch is not and never will be for sale.

Upon realizing an offer of money will not do the trick, the gloves have come off as Market Equities will stop at nothing to obtain the ranch. The firm wishes to turn the property into a bustling airport and tourism destination. It appears Weaver’s Warner has been brought in to make the deal — any way she possibly can.

As they love to do, “Yellowstone” fans are already speculating on Caroline Warner’s fate after dealing with the Duttons. Many viewers also already have Warner marked for death with a trip to the “Train Station” in her future, courtesy of Rip Wheeler. As every fan knows — there is no actual train station at the end of this trip — only death and a pile of bodies. The show’s social media accounts recently introduced us to Caroline Warner — so, let’s take look:

‘Yellowstone’ Newcomer Already Pegged for Train Station Trip

Weaver is flat-out terrifying as Caroline Warner in the above video and looks to be a supervillain in the new season. It appears she will be causing lots of problems not only for the Duttons but everyone else in Montana. As Thomas Rainwater actor Gil Birmingham says, “She has the resources to undermine anything we are trying to do so it does have us concerned.”

“Yellowstone” fans are also speculating that her dirty dealings with the Dutton family will bring her directly in the path of Rip Wheeler. As we all know, that isn’t a path that you want to take as it leads straight to the train stations. Watchers of the show are predicting a rather unhappy ending for Caroline and her Market Equities cohorts.

“Next stop — train station,” a “Yellowstone” fan writes in the post’s comments section. “Rip does not discriminate.”

“Yellowstone” will debut its fourth and latest season on November 7. We can’t wait to see what happens to Caroline and all others who dare cross the Dutton Family.