Did ‘Yellowstone’ Fans Just Spot Major Rip Wheeler Spoiler in Season 5 Set Pics?

by Lauren Boisvert

Eagle-eyed “Yellowstone” fans think they may have found some spoilers in a few season 5 set photos. In a recent Reddit post, fans speculated what could be happening in a series of 10 grainy set pics featuring Rip, Beth, and a few bunkhouse boys.

Specifically, it looks like something is happening with Rip. But, first, lets explore the behind-the-scenes look in general before we get into speculation on the scene. It looks like the characters are in a bar of some sort, most likely one we’ve been to on the show before. There’s neon in the windows, posters for local bands and events, the usual dive bar fare. The first few photos feature Beth and Rip, and a moment where it looks like Rip is talking to Beth.

Fans latched onto the fact that Rip isn’t wearing his hat; we hardly ever see him without it, unless he’s gotten into a fight. A few fans speculated that something had gone down in the bar, that maybe Rip got into a fight and was being arrested. If he is arrested, “Yellowstone” is going to have to address the “no legal identity” thing that Rip has going on.

Additionally, Lloyd and Ryan are there. We can guess that Rip and Beth were out with some of the bunkhouse boys. In later photos, it looks like they’re all outside the bar. There’s a Sheriff’s Department truck parked in front of them. There’s one photo where Rip seems to be talking with a police officer. Maybe de-escalating the situation, or being hauled in himself?

What Could Be Happening in These ‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 Set Pics?

As far as narrative goes, if Beth is out with them, I’m going to assume something happened. Either someone took too much of a liking to Beth and Rip felt he had to step in, or someone did something stupid somewhere. There’s one photo where Rip seems to be gazing longingly at Beth. It looks like he wants to talk to her, or apologize. But she’s facing the police truck, not looking at him.

Though, that’s just speculation based on facial expressions. This is all speculation, of course; we won’t know anything for sure until November 13. From these photos, though, I’m going to assume that something bad happened. I think Rip is involved somehow, and his whole situation is going to take center stage. Most likely, he’ll escape by the skin of his teeth.

Now, if something happened with Beth, and Rip felt the need to step in and protect his now-wife, I feel like Beth is not going to take too kindly to that. We know how Beth Dutton is; she can take care of herself, and she has. She doesn’t need a man protecting her, because she’s just as dangerous as Rip is. They’re both ticking time bombs. I feel like there’s going to be some tension between them as they navigate their new relationship status.