Did ‘Yellowstone’ TV Just Foreshadow Jamie’s Next Decision in New Photo?

by Jon D. B.

What a laundry list of bad decisions Jamie Dutton has behind him – and we can only assume in front of him, too. How is this man still alive in the world of Yellowstone? And what will Season 4 bring?

Fans are wondering exactly this Tuesday with the show’s latest Instagram post. Within, we see ol’ black sheep Jamie giving his best scowl courtesy of actor Wes Bentley. He looks real worried about something. Which is probably one of the many terrible betrayals he’s made in the past. Honestly, that suit jacket isn’t helping, either. Someone get this man a blazer that squares off his shoulders! Or maybe they were going for the hourglass look for Jamie?

Anyway, check out the slipperiest Dutton being himself before we get into the hysterical fan comments – and what’s possibly to come for Yellowstone Season 4:

Genuinely, I’d be completely remiss if we didn’t share some of the Instagram comments section with y’all before we move on to Jamie’s f***ery. Yellowstone fans are responding with the following to the show’s latest shot of Wes Bentley’s greasy lawyer:

  • “Jamie sits when he pees.”
  • “Yeah Jamie is dead to us.”
  • “i hate you”
  • “Rip is comin for you 😎”
  • “It’s Jamie versus himself. He’s dramatic.”

And last but not least: “….Ew.” Now, on to Season 4.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Feel ‘Suspense’ Forming with Jamie Dutton Ahead of Season 4

Congruently, other followers are noting the tension this shot brings. “The suspense… Do we have a date yet for Season 4? I’m going on strike until we have a date,” says Yellowstone fan Leslie Anne.

All we know for now is Fall 2021, not Summer 2021 as previously announced by Paramount Network. As for Jamie, Yellowstone’s latest post seems to be setting him up in a big way for Season 4. Their caption is concise, and reads:

“It’s Jamie versus the world.”

No one makes a statement like this about someone else unless they mean to imply, quite literally, that they have no friends left. And as fans will recall, Jamie made sure he had no friends – or Dutton family – left to call his allies by the end of Season 3.

From making creepy phone-calls, to doing everything in his power to show how self-interested he is over his own adoptive family, Yellowstone spent all of Season 3 priming Jamie Dutton for a truly villainous turn. And it all reached an apex with the introduction of his biological father, Garrett Randall.

Randall plants the seeds for patricide in Jamie. Hard. In some of the heaviest foreshadowing Taylor Sheridan has ever crammed into his #1 drama, the convicted murderer tells his biological son:

“The Yellowstone ain’t a ranch. It’s an empire. Empires you take… It’s the simplest thing on earth. You kill [John Dutton].”

While this Outsider has had his doubts on Jamie following through with such a thing, Yellowstone certainly wants us to think he will. They’re either teasing their new biggest villain in the fall of one Dutton son – or setting us up for true surprise when he comes back to the family.

Only time, and Yellowstone Season 4, will tell come Fall 2021.