Does New ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 Footage Show Same Shooter Attacking John and Kayce Dutton?

by Lauren Boisvert

An eagle-eyed Yellowstone fan recently noticed something from the trailer; it’s possible that the same man who shot John, also shot at Kayce. Reddit user 7ruby18 compared images of the attackers in a recent post, and it’s true that they look extremely similar.

The shooter from the van wears a black baseball cap and jacket; it appears the shooter in Kayce’s office wears the same thing, or something similar. If this is the same man, then the attacks couldn’t have happened simultaneously. It is hard to believe that whoever is bold enough to attack the Duttons outright would only get one guy to do it; though, maybe they’re trying to keep the knowledge pool small, making sure only a select few people know about it.

Could this man be a hired mercenary we’ve never met before? Or someone familiar? For sure, he’s working for someone we’ve met before. It’s only a matter of finding out who.

Who is Left to Pick Up the Pieces?

This all might come down to Jamie; could this be his redemption arc? Currently, he’s the only blood-related Dutton “alive”, as the fates of the others hang in the balance. In a new sneak peek video into season 4, Yellowstone writer and creator Taylor Sheridan talks about who’s left. “And it was a devastating attack against the family,” he said, “so we gotta figure out who’s left to look into it. And that’s my goal.”

No matter how much you hate your family, when someone tries to kill them you don’t just sit idly by. Unless you’re the one who tried to kill them, then sit as idly as you want.

Though, there’s just something about Jaime’s demeanor in the sneak peeks that makes it seem like he’s trying to go home. If he is, it’s certainly not going to be easy. If he isn’t, well, I’ll eat my cowboy hat.

‘Yellowstone’: What are Jaime’s Goals?

In an interview in 2019, Wes Bentley spoke about Jaime’s goals. He said, “I’m not sure Jamie is fully aware of what his full goal is. I think, on the surface, that Jamie’s goal is adoration and respect from his family. He wants some praise for the hard work he does and an acknowledgment that he has a big hand in even staying in the family’s name. So, Jamie is out on a search for that recognition.”

Could there be redemption on the horizon for Jaime Dutton? Will he get that recognition that Wes Bentley says he’s searching for? According to Bentley, the two-hour season premiere picks up in real-time, right where season 3 left off, and Yellowstone fans will have to wait for November 7 to see how the events unfold.