Does Upcoming ‘Yellowstone’ Episode Title Hint at Beth Dutton’s Death?

by Thad Mitchell

The level of excitement for the brand new season of “Yellowstone” continues to rise as we are now just days away from season four.

Fans of the hit Paramount Network series have had their patience tested with the wait for a new “Yellowstone” season. Earlier this year, rumors of when a new season might arrive kept us all on the edges of our seats. Now, the glorious day is just over a week away as “Yellowstone” fans rejoice over its return. As if the excitement level weren’t already high enough, “Yellowstone” also gave fans a little present yesterday. The show released the titles of each season four episode on Wednesday afternoon, sending fans into investigation mode. That includes us here at Outsider, where we have combed over possible meanings of these titles dozens of times. Yes, it is entirely possible to overthink and read too much into these 10 episode titles — but let’s do it anyway.

The third “Yellowstone” season four episode is titled “All I See Is You,” and it has fans speculating on what it could mean. Many fans believe this episode title could imply the death of a favorite character — Beth Dutton.

We all know what Beth Dutton underwent in the “Yellowstone” finale of season three. While gathering up her things and preparing to move out of her office, Beth receives a mysterious package. The package is a bomb sent to her by a currently unknown entity. Despite a warning from her boss, Beth’s office assistant opens the package and the bomb detonates. The powerful explosion blasts out all of the windows inside the office complex. Beth is only a few feet away from the blast and it is likely that she is gravely injured at the very least.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Are Pulling For Beth Dutton to Survive

It isn’t a pleasant thought for “Yellowstone” fans but Beth could have also perished in the explosion. “All I See Is You” is a callback to a Rip Wheeler line from a previous season. Some fans have suggested that these could be Beth’s final words to Rip or vice versa. Talk about a tear-jerker — an emotional final scene between Rip and Beth would bring a lot of “Yellowstone” fans to tears.

Fear not though “Yellowstone” fans — there is plenty of evidence that suggests Beth is alive to begin the fourth season. In a description of new characters joining the show, it is revealed that a young boy named Carter is being brought to the Dutton Ranch by Beth. We know that Beth is unable to bear children — could this be her maternal instinct kicking in? It wouldn’t surprise anyone.

Thankfully, we only have a few more days left before “Yellowstone” premieres its latest season on November 7.