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Does ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 Include a ‘Friday Night Lights’ Shout Out?

by Jon D. B.
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

Sharp Yellowstone viewers caught a Friday Night Lights shout out in Season 4, and it’s all courtesy of co-creator Taylor Sheridan’s legacy.

Chances are, if you’re exited for Yellowstone spinoff 6666, you’re a Friday Night Lights fan. Few classics embody the Lone Star State with the same fervor as this sports masterpiece. The rural drama of Dillon, Texas, spanned 5 seasons and remains an audience favorite to this day.

But how is it connected to Yellowstone? Redditor Abject_Plant1339 explains.

“So the guy that coordinated the hit on the Duttons is named T. Riggins. Is this a nod to Tim Riggins from Friday Night Lights? It appears that Sheridan was Taylor Kitsch’s acting coach prior to landing the role of Tim Riggins. I personally think Kitsch would be a great addition to the cast of Yellowstone, but 6666 makes more sense due to the state it is located in,” they cite.

Kitsch’s most famous line from the show, too, ties it all together: “Texas forever, Street.”

Of this, Redditor HskrRooster says “My buddy and I will just randomly look at each other and say “Texas forever” in a real exaggerated accent lol. I would LOVE for him to join.”

“Great connection! And I’d love to see Kitsch join Four Sixes. Texas Forever!” replies Yellowstone fan iheartsev.

“I’d love to see things like that!! I’m a little worried if they don’t have as strong a draw with Jimmy, maybe Walker, and Travis being the center pieces…” echoes Redditor WulfGar57.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Would Love to See ‘Friday Night Lights’ Actors in Western Franchise

Yellowstone Redditor Carolina May brings in a different perspective, offering: “Welp, if there were concerns there’d be no eye candy on 6666, that would certainly solve that problem! saw a funny meme saying there’s a direct correlation between loving Riggins and Kayce!”

“I thought that was a cute little reference, too,” adds Miss Kimba.

“You could drop most of the cast into 6666 and it be great. Coach Taylor was in the other new show, he’d fit right in,” echoes 21ryan21. Ryan speaks of actor Kyle Chandler, who’s in Taylor Sheridan’s new series, Mayor of Kingstown. It’s not a Yellowstone spinoff proper, but it does feature Sheridan’s signature storytelling.

Then, over in spinoff 1883, we have both Friday Night Lights alums Tim McGraw and Billy Bob Thornton in the cast, too. Outside of these gents, Yellowstone fans have quite the dream cast for the show. In another recent Reddit thread, Redditor adiman93 poses the question: “What are some of the actors you would like to see on the show?” – and the answers are pitch-perfect.

This Redditor kicks things off with some truly fine suggestions. “For Example : Timothy Olyphant as a US Marshall looking into the business dealings of the Dutton Family.”

In addition, “Ian McShane as a politician from Montana who wants to be Governor, he is opposing the Dutton Family. Or Walton Goggins: A cowboy who has history with Rip.”

Yes to all of the above. This Outsider’s top want? Jeff Bridges. In any Yellowstone franchise role.