Does ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 Trailer Reveal Jimmy’s Fate in Brief Shot With Mia?

by Jon D. B.

Jimmy Hurdstrom has come a long way on Yellowstone, but does the brand new Season 4 trailer seal his fate for good?

Let’s face it, Jimmy makes being Jimmy real hard. The young buck seems incapable of making the best decisions for himself, even with a slew of second chances. From Rip Wheeler offering his first chance at redemption all the way back in Season 1, to John Dutton paying off his medical bills and giving him yet another chance at life on the Yellowstone Ranch, Jimmy has no shortage of those looking out for him. And that’s not even mentioning the foster father and moral compass he has in Lloyd. But then there’s Mia.

In truth, if anyone has made life harder for Jimmy, it’s Mia. She’s given him a chance at true love, sure, but the two can’t seem to get on the same page. Mia is hellbent on molding Jimmy into the man she wants him to be – regardless of the consequences. Which, it’s never a bad thing to expect someone to be their best self, but these things take time, and above all – consideration for the other person’s well-being.

We last left Jimmy lying on his back at the end of Season 3 yet again after returning to the rodeo far, far too soon. And now, the Season 4 trailer shows us that the assassins out for the Duttons come for the ranch and ranch hands, too. Jimmy included.

Are you ready for this? The countdown continues. The highly-anticipated season 4 of Yellowstone will premiere on November 7, 2021, with a special two-hour event, exclusively on Paramount Network.

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‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 Looks to End Jimmy’s Life. But What About Jefferson White’s ‘6666’ Casting?

In the trailer above, we clearly see a lifeless Jimmy being propped up by a hysterical Mia. He’s wearing the same backwards hat and outfit we left him in at the end of Season 3, so this looks like a direct continuation in which Mia runs to him after pressuring him to ride. But by all accounts, the young man looks dead. There’s just one huge Hollywood hiccup, however.

As Yellowstone fans know, the show is receiving two spinoffs from Taylor Sheridan and Paramount to expand their universe. There’s Yellowstone: 1883, the highly-anticipated historical prequel hitting this December. And then there’s 6666, based on America’s legacy ranch down in Texas.

The latter is very important here. Why? Jimmy actor Jefferson White has been cast in 6666! In an announcement earlier this year, White’s casting for Texas-based 6666 was confirmed. He’s not alone in his, either. Walker’s Ryan Bingham will also saddle up for the spinoff. But what does this mean, exactly? With both men being bound to Yellowstone Ranch in big ways… Wouldn’t death be the only way they’re leaving?

The Yellowstone Season 4 trailer certainly wants to make us thing so. As a result, we’re left with two options, the first being far less likely:

  1. 6666 is also a prequel like 1883, and will feature Jefferson White and Ryan Bingham as younger versions of themselves
  2. Jimmy and Walker are set to either have no choice but to leave Yellowstone Ranch in Season 4 – or be banished from it outright.

Right now, we’re definitely leaning towards #2. It seems far more likely for these two to be sent elsewhere – either on good or bad terms – than for Taylor Sheridan and co. to have them try and play younger versions of themselves.

So by all accounts, it seems as if Jimmy is set for another near-death experience, and the trailer is simply including it for shock value. Either way, we’ll find out come November 7 when Yellowstone Season 4 hits Paramount Network.