Does ‘Yellowstone’ Star Ian Bohen Joining New Show Mean Ryan Is Toast Next Season?

by Jennifer Shea

Recently, some of the “Yellowstone” cast have been getting other gigs. And that raises questions about their characters’ longevity on the hit Paramount Network series. The latest is Ryan actor Ian Bohen, who just signed on to the CW show “Superman & Lois.”

On that show, Bohen portrays Lt. Mitch Anderson, a new addition to the DOD, according to Deadline. Anderson is an officious type with a Manichaean perspective on the world. Superman rankles him, so he attempts to get the superhero under his authority.

Bohen has agreed to a multi-episode arc on the CW show, which raises the possibility of a conflict with “Yellowstone.”

‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 Filming: How Far Has It Been Pushed Back?

As Matt Carter points out, “Yellowstone” star Kevin Costner is on tour with his band, Modern West, through early November. And while Rip Wheeler actor Cole Hauser had said in an interview with Hall Wines earlier this year that the plan was to start filming Season 5 this summer, that could easily have been pushed back.

In fact, a spring post from the Chief Joseph Ranch, the real-world setting for the fictional Dutton Ranch, suggests that that did indeed happen. The ranch said on Instagram that filming had been pushed back to fall of 2021, so it suddenly had rooms available from June until September.

But with Costner on tour, when is “Yellowstone” supposed to film? During the winter months in Montana? That would certainly be a different backdrop than we’re used to seeing.

So, long story short, it seems entirely possible that the cast of “Yellowstone” has some free time on their hands while they wait for Season 5 filming to begin.

Bohen Discussed His Character in 2020 Interview

In an interview last year with Hollywood Life, Bohen discussed what’s up with Ryan. He explained his character’s place in the Dutton Ranch bunkhouse and hinted at what was in store for Season 3.

“He’s a little bit flummoxed by the relationships that have come in and swept through,” Bohen said of the bunkhouse. “He touches all of the things that are happening and the little nuggets. I call him a designated hitter. He bats for every team and smacks things around, but he doesn’t have his own specific thing yet. I’m not sure he wants one or not.”

Bohen said he doesn’t see his character getting a love interest anytime soon, but he would never presume to know what Taylor Sheridan has up his sleeve. He compared being a ranch hand to working in law enforcement or the military: there’s a constant competition to prove your valor and a willingness to sacrifice for a larger cause.

As for Season 3, Bohen promised it would have viewers on the edge of their seats, as indeed it did.

“You’re going to have the same level of thrill, but it’s going to be in a different way so much so that it will grab you intellectually, psychologically, and it will make you think about the future,” Bohen said.

And now that future is almost here. Season 4 of “Yellowstone” premieres Sunday, Nov. 7, exclusively on the Paramount Network. Watch the new trailer here.