Eagle-Eyed ‘Yellowstone’ Fan Catches Minor Blunder in Jimmy’s Season 3 Accident

by Leanne Stahulak

“Yellowstone,” while one of the most incredible shows on television, does slip up and reveal a blunder now and again. Even if it is just a tiny one that an avid fan caught during the Season 4 premiere this past fall.

According to Express, this “Yellowstone” blunder concerns Jimmy (Jefferson White). An eagle-eyed fan noticed how in the Season 3 finale, we see Jimmy take off his wrist guard and throw it on the ground. Jimmy was still recovering from his previous fall at a rodeo, after which John Dutton forbade him from doing it again. But Jimmy’s girlfriend, Mia, encouraged Jimmy to do what he wants and not listen to John.

So, in the finale, Jimmy decides to get back on the bucking horse. Before doing so, he takes off the wrist guard that was on there from his previous injury. He gets on the horse, promptly gets bucked off, and falls unconscious when he hits the ground. For a long time, fans had no idea if the fall killed Jimmy or not.

Fast forward to the “Yellowstone” Season 4 premiere this past fall. The ranch is under attack, and Mia runs to find Jimmy unconscious on the ground. Only this time, he is wearing the wrist guard.

“In the end of season 3 Jimmy takes his wrist guard off and throws it on the ground before he gets on the bucking horse,” the “Yellowstone” fan said of the blunder on IMDb.com. “Then when he is found on the ground in the season 4 opener, he is laying there and has the wrist guard on his wrist again.”

To many fans, this moment may not seem like a huge deal. So he’s wearing the wrist guard, or he’s not. But Jefferson White himself explains a bit more on why the Season 3 moment is crucial to Jimmy’s character.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Jefferson White Shines a Bit of Light on Jimmy’s Defiance of John Dutton

After the Season 4 premiere aired, Jefferson White joined his castmates Ian Bohen and Denim Richards in “Stories From the Bunkhouse” on YouTube. During this episode, Richards asked White why Jimmy got back on the horse: To defy John Dutton or impress Mia. White says it was neither of those things.

“I think he was doing it for himself,” White said. “He’s always getting buffeted around by these powerful other forces.”

It’s true. Jimmy always goes with what other people tell him to do, never deciding things for himself. Now, he finally did decide to take off that wrist guard and hop back on the horse. So, to see it on his wrist again kind of retracts the power in his decision from the earlier episode. It would’ve been more meaningful to see the full consequences of his actions, including deciding not to wear the wrist guard anymore.

“It’s the first time in his life he’s felt proud. His whole life, he’s been a f**k-up. When it’s rodeo, like in the arena, nobody thinks about that. All that matters is the seconds that he’s on that horse,” White explained. “Jimmy’s trying so hard to even just have hope, that moment when he sees John Dutton, the world outside of that physical therapy room comes crashing back into the picture.”