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Eagle-Eyed ‘Yellowstone’ Fans Note One Massive Prop Has Seemingly Disappeared From Show

by Samantha Whidden
Yellowstone set
(Photo credit: Paramount Network Press)

Less than two weeks after Yellowstone’s midseason finale, eagled-eyed fans notice one massive prop that has seemingly disappeared from the hit series. 

While on Reddit, one Yellowstone fan attracted some attention to the missing large prop. “Where did John’s helicopter go?” the fan asked. They also pointed out that the helipad is even gone. Another fan had some thoughts about what really happened to the prop.

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“It’s been taken to the train station,” the other fan jokingly declared. They then said they originally thought the prop was MIA from the Yellowstone set due to budget reasons. “But, the more I thought about it, the more I started to think it’s actually been eliminated due to its impact on (a) the plot and (b) the fundamental conflict around monetizing the ranch.”

The Yellowstone fan then continued to explain that there are quite a few times that the size, remoteness, and distance between key locations played a critical role in the show’s plot. This meant having a helicopter on the Dutton ranch would potentially eliminate or alter plot lines. 

“Monica is super pregnant and they live >1 hour from a hospital,” the fan continued. “Kayce and John would 100% have the helicopter on standby to take her, and if that happens, no plot line.”

Meanwhile, the fan pointed out that the helicopter could have caused “some conflict” on the ranch. This would be between the “natural world and development.” They shared Dutton’s ranch land is worth at least $100 million. “Having a helicopter and dedicated pilot chauffeuring people around constantly would just totally undermine this vibe.”

Not Everyone Cares About the Large Missing ‘Yellowstone’ Prop

While some Yellowstone fans basically explained that the show’s plot and set just didn’t really need the large prop, other fans were just done with the conversation.

“Let me start by saying this is a television show,” one Yellowstone fan stated while answering the question. They also noted that the helicopter is not a character and there isn’t a need to write it in every episode. They then asked how the prop is essential to the plot. 

“I have heard people ask this question for the past few weeks and it’s like no one understands object permanence,” the fan continued. “Just because we can’t see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist anymore.”

The fan then pointed out that Kevin Costner’s John Dutton has used the helicopter or other helicopters for many years, including in the show’s flashbacks. They went on to add that John Dutton is Montana’s governor now. So he doesn’t need to fly around the ranch anymore. “If he does fly it would probably have to be in an official capacity.”