Expect A Lot More of Beth Dutton Come ‘Yellowstone’ Season 5

by Jonathan Howard

Season 5 of Yellowstone is officially under production. Fans can expect one thing from the new season, a lot of Beth Dutton. The end of Season 4 set things up for the stakes rising for Beth as well as a bigger role in the main storyline. John Dutton basically told his daughter to go find another place to live, away from the ranch. How will that all play out?

Knowing what we know about Beth Dutton, I don’t think she’s leaving her home willingly. Who knows how much time is going to have passed by the time we get to the new season, if any, and what will be next for the Dutton family. But, as Kelly Reilly said, “Beth is a righteous soldier to her death. Kill or be killed: That is absolutely her philosophy, which is what makes her so dangerous.”

The family tension is starting to really be an issue. John is always used to being in control and moving the pieces how he sees fit. However, it doesn’t seem that he has many close allies. He’s threatened Jaime in the past, has cast Beth to the side, and if she goes, what becomes of Rip?

Reilly revealed to TV Guide this month (she was the cover actress on the June print edition) that she’s going to be featured quite a bit. “I’m in back-to-back scenes,” she put it. While Season 4 of Yellowstone saw the promiscuous ranch heiress featured more, the new season is going to be one where she gets even more screentime.

If Beth Dutton feels as though she has been slighted, then you better believe she will be wreaking vengeance – no matter who or what is in her way. And, just like her father, she’s all about controlling everything around her.

Beth Dutton Always Believes She’s Right

If Kelly Reilly being on the cover of TV Guide, being nominated for all kinds of awards, and more doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will. Beth Dutton is going to be central to Season 5. Add in the fact that Chief Mo and Governor Perry have been made regulars, and things get more interesting.

The thing that makes Beth so dangerous and so fun to watch is her attitude. She spits venom and sugar at the same time. In he remind, she’s always calculating. She also believes she’s justified in everything she does. Director Stephen Kay said as much in a recent interview.

“Everything Beth did, she did for the right reason as far as she was concerned. So it was pretty easy to tell Kelly, ‘Play these circumstances, and your heart will break.'”

The director also talked about just letting the artists speak for themselves. PUtting Kevin Costner and Reilly up on screen together, sometimes is all you need to do.

Each day we get another little hint or another little piece of information that gets us hyped up. Season 5 of Yellowstone just might be the best yet. With Beth Dutton full of fire and vitriol, what can we expect besides drama and, frankly, violence?

More cigarette smoking, more whiskey drinking, and a lot of hell to pay on the way. Believe that.